1101Betty Schulz
1102Candace Huchcroft
1103Irene Shankar
Stop the injustice. Clearly this woman needs societal help not further punishment for being sick. Removing the children will cause irreversible damage to everyone involved.
1104Aniko Ambrus
1105Krista Gaudon
1106Jennifer Vasey
The government will provide subsidy for MS drugs that are not very effective, offer child care subsidies, pay for foster care, but won't provide assistance so that children can stay with their Mother. This makes no sense.
1107Kristen MacLock
1108Adele Stewart
Please bring help into the home so that this family can stay together. Make the right (and the compassionate) decision!
1109Dawn McMahon
Big Brother is alive and well.It makes me so angry..
1110Vanessa Duunning
1111Greg Binder
1112James Peters
Some people just do not know nore care to understand what it is like to be disabled. To breakup a family is appalling!
Grace and peace Maria.
1113Cassandra Kutner
Every child needs his/her mother. If she needs help, help her. Prayers!
1114Tracy Lamb
Not right to take her kids from her. In home help would be better and cheaper for everyone.Why are we not looking out for the kids, it is hard enough on them there mother is sick why would we take them away too.
1115Kristy Dooley
1116Amy Preston
Heart-wrenching situation! Something must be done to correct this, NOW!
1117Darryl Giroux
1118Brenda Budai
1119Jennifer Grimes
I also have MS. I pray for this woman everyday. My heart goes out to her and I wish her all the best!
1120Tracey Schiller
My hope is that this lady will keep her children! What an outrage!!!
1121Emery Lagace
Here's hoping that our powers to be will do the right thing and help these people
1122Amber Johanson
1123charlene dodge
Why won't the gov't give her assistance in her home to help care for her children? It's not ethical to keep a mother and her children apart - shame on you, Alberta!!!
1124angela hall
As a mother with MS i could never imagine. As my little girl is what keeps me fighting! You take those girls away from her and she will lose her drive to fight. Very sad!!!!
1125Nic Davie
1126Michelle Pumphrey
Absolutly disgusted at our gov !!
1128Jason Quon
this is the grossest thing I've ever heard in my life. How could anyone ever do something like this to a family just because someone is diagnosed with a disease.
1129Lacey Pellerine
How horrible, I wish this woman all the best! Her children are what keep her going, they are taking away her hope!
1130Daniel Hansson
sorry, really sorry to say that I am NOT surprised at all, don`t they have feelings or are they just afraid to feel at all
1131shani harris
there truly is a serious loss for words about this, the thought of being taken from my mother or her taken from me is heart braking. I am applaud with what the world is coming to when something like a mother and her children get brushed off by the governme
1132nathalie Thibault
1133Sheila Dahl
This countries policies get more ridiculous everyday. If this was an immigrant or aboringinal family they would totally get everything they need.
1134Catherine Kirsch
1135Stacey Frenz
1136Raquel Rule
ashamed to be from Alberta right now
1137Toni Lavie
1138Jennifer Reynolds
1139Cherise Ross
1140Ashley Sharpe
She didn't choose this disease nor did she do anything to cause it so why is she being punished for it.
1141Kalle Kingsley
I've witnessed my grandma struggle with MS for over 20 years, luckily she was 50 when diagnosed and didn't risk losing her children. This is terrible.
1142heather webb leparque
this is so wrong,and so sad,it would be cheaper and better for all involved to pay for a nanny,then to pay to put them in social services foster care!
1143Najib Mangal
Our government can spent hundreds of millions of dollar to re-unite refugee families from other countries; every year we spend more than billions in foreign aid. More than 15 billion being spent to build warships, but we government canít afford to keep a family (two little children and a sick mother) together. I am in absolute shock and very much ashamed of the policy that suggest adoption or in foster care. IMMIDIAT ACTION IS NEED TO SAVE THIS FAMILY. NOW!!!
1144Marilyn Cardinal
Keep the family together!
1145Teena Brown
I want to comment....I am struggling....I can't believe I am even reading this. If you have the money to take them out of the home, you have the money to keep them in the home....with the MOM.
1146Brenda Hunik
Shame on a system that thinks seperating a family is a reasonable solution to deal with an illness. Who made up this stupid policy???
1147Jessica Churchill
This is one of the most disgusting, repulsive and horrific things that has come out of our Government to date. The sheer lack of logic and the clear concern for MONEY over FAMILY is alarming. WAKE UP CANADA, this is OUR country. What's happening!?!
1148larry welch
Disgusting! This woman needs help with her children not take them away!!!!
1149Vic Rizal
I Truly have no words to say how Bad i feel right now . Our government spents millions of dollors in foreign aid and development why dont they understand that the over all gross Happiness and Development starts from a single house hold .
1150Terrry Giroux-Ross
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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