101Bryan Kinkley
It is time to right a terrible wrong. Help this family stay together.
102Sheila batty
You'll leave children in abusive situations but will take children from a loving parent just because she is sick. The govt needs to seriously rethink this one
103Brooke smith
I can't believe it this is gross and absolutely discussing... I really hope that you politicians are happy with yourselfs
104Susan Finkle
Absolutely wrong
105Kyla Ross
Keep this family together.
106Curtis Ross
Absurd idea! Make this right. She deserves her family and the support of our government.
107Michelle Burke
This is heartbreaking and an absolute injustice!!!Shame on whoever has a hand in seperating this family!!
108Donna Hawerychuk
109Jan krysko
Put humanity back into government. Tearing a family apart because of MS - seriously! My father had MS when I turned 12 until he passed away when I was 24 - as hard as the disease was on him and our family I am a better person because of him - I'm now 50.
110Susan Dumont
112Carole Allen
113Susie Johnston
with the wealth floating around Alberta you would think that they could come up with enough to help this unfortunte woman these children probably give her more hope and encourgement than any drugs she is given.Because she has ms doesnt mean she has no emot
115Robert Milley
Maria needs help financially,so her children can remain in her care. The after effects of removing the children and placing them in the system is senseless, as it would cause greater problems in the future for both them and Maria.
117Beverly Martin
You can not punish a human being for getting sick, she is being punished enough! do not take away her children. Give her the assistance she needs for as long as she lives.
118Kristy McLeod
I find it very sad that we live in one of the most prosperous provinces in Canada and yet people like Marie can not find the help she needs! Wth is wrong with the world today that we seem to kick people when they are down? I think we as the human race have lost site of what is really important in life and all it takes to make a difference is to lend a helping hand! Marie's story is heart breaking and there is absolutely no reason it needs to be! I hope people find it in their heart to lend her family a helping hand! It is not like she is asking for the impossible, she just wants to kee
119Azalie Latendresse
120Helen Wentz
Keep the children in the home with their mother. Give her in-home help.
121Krista Pugh
These children need their Mother and she needs them. For the best interest for all involved this family should NOT be torn apart!!
122Charmaine Dautremont
Stop tearing families apart, Give them the means to stay together!!!!
123Marilyn Czech
Please help this family & others like them.
124Natalie Granger
This is not right, children should be with their parents and not separated. Maria needs help not more to discourage her.
125Tina Miskey
Maria should be given in home assistance and allowed to keep her children. MS doesn't mean she does not love them or that she can not provide a good home for them if she has home aid.
126Ross Hall
127Gwen Gould
128Diane McLeod
What a shame. We need to help this mother keep her children with her, where they belong. Shame on the system that allows this to happen.
130Debbie Cave
131Ginger Williams
so sad, I pray for them
132Elisha Rhoades
How far people have fallen.. just so sad
133Leslie Jo Potter
I worked in the foster system and I thought the directive is for Families to stay together if at all possible. Make the better choice for those children, step up and do what is really right, give them the means and the help to stay together.
It makes no sense to traumatize this family or others in these situations!! Keep them together! HELP these families instead of HURTING them!!!
I feel sick to my stomach. Yip that what social services does best. Maybe they should go get some kids that area really being abused, but no they will wait until those children end up dead, sexually molested. I am praying for this family.
136Ryan Kinney
137April Knight
Too sad, praying for the family!
138Betty Taylor
139Chelsey Daub-souther
What a same our govt is :(
140Lori Edstrom
Yes very smart move from the very smart people running this province. Lets pay foster care people money to look after this women's children instead of giving her the money and support. Common sense at it's best.
Considering the government gives money to alot of people who could actually get off their butts and work, you would think they could help someone out when they actually need it!!Wish the best for her and her girls!
144Tiffany Restau
my mom has ms and it never stopped her from being the best mom ever! leave these kids with there mother. this makes me sick to think the govt would do this to her
145Terri Sleeva
Please, please don't take those children from their mother! Parent is a parent, MS or not!
146Deanne Dove
Do the right thing!!!
This story breaks my heart! This woman did not choose to become ill! My mom has MS and this had never affected her ability to be the best mother in the world! Where is the compassion and humanity?
a disability doesn't determine parental capability
149Sharla Tabonda
This is an embarasment to our country and province if we do not help her family.
There are better ways to deal with this family.All you have to do is think. She needs her children. Take them away and you will destroy any desire this woman still has to live.
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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