951Nancy McCandless
952Eric Jackson
Families should not be torn apart, there are ways to help and support this mother, use them.
953Giselle Pachal
I think that this lack of respect for family and persons who are disabled is appauling and our government should be ashamed of themselves. There is no way that splitting up this family is the best option, nor is it the most financially responsible option.
954Jennie Beute
I hope that this woman can keep her children. Family is not meant to be torn apart. Shame on the Canadian government.
955Willis Bates
It's a sad state of affairs when the government of the richest Province in Canada, cannot find a little funding, without penalties to keep a family together when they can waste millions of dollars on Will-o'-the-wisp legislation.
956Pamela Carriere
957Ibolya Ambrus
Keep the family together !!!
958dave way
dont take the kids help the mother
959kerri way
this is not the mothers fault and she should not have her children taken away, she should get help
960Susan Finkle
Absolutely wrong
961Esther van Dam
This is pure discrimination and no family should be pulled apart due to a disability. This is the time that she needs her family the most. I'm very disappointed with the Canadian government. Unreal!
962Jacquie Vincent
Help this family out.
963Sheri Jones
It is time for government to treat people with disabilites like humans instead of treating them like they are nothing.Just because she has MS doesnt mean she is not a good mother or that she doesnt love her kids.Grow up government and help her.
964Jackie Cordero
I don't think her children should be taken from her. Having MS is the a reason to do that. There are other parents that need they're children taken away and they are still with them.
965therese laliberte
966Yvonne Yepes
We need to see some change from the Government!
967Leslie Berg
Not acceptable that our government won't support keeping these children in there home such a shame if they have to ripped away from there mother how tramatic that would be
968Jessica Berry
No loving mother deserves to loose her children. The government needs to put more effort into helping the people that actually deserve it. Help her keep her babies!
969Giselle Pachal
I think that this lack of respect for family and persons who are disabled is appauling and our government should be ashamed of themselves. There is no way that splitting up this family is the best option, nor is it the most financially responsible option.
Something has to be done,time for change
I am living with MS and I have a 2 yr old. Get her some help not stress which is probably makin her MS worse.
974Lindsay Wilson
975Daniella Doc
976kelly Nightingale
977Hailey Stuckart
There is no need to place more children in the foster system....simply get this mother the assistance she needs and allow her children the benefits of being raised by their mother. Such a sad sad story
978Tara Randol
What happened to family preservation?
979Denise Piller
That would be INHUMANE. CRIME...We cannot allow this to happen....

981Cheryl Smith
982Margaret Manley
very upsetting that the government feels like its ok to take this womens children because she is ill
984Ryann Sinclair
985wm Stevens
986Karl Detta
Lifes challenges should not be a factor. Family is very important. Wish you the best !
987Allison Fontaine
988Lisa Franks
I agree to paying her to have a live in nanny. Not only would it be cheaper than paying foster care but would support the family and keep them together.
989Melissa Reppon
990Claudia Souky
991Jannelle Andersen
992Marlene Palamarek
No way should these kids be taken from their mother!!! This is absurd!! Pay for a full time nanny instead of paying someone else to foster!!!
993Brenda Raven
Her life will likely be shortened because of the MS. How dare they rob even a single minute of these children's time with their loving Mom. For Shame.
994Katherine Hess
Social service agencies are supposed to assist families in need. It is NOT support when the Govt tears children away from a mother. Shame on you once again Govt of Alberta.
996Kelly Ballard
997margaret ducey
this is not right
998Sid Estay
How absolutely revolting in this day and age. I expected more from our system.
999Stephanie French
They'll pay a crackhead a welfare check every month for them to fund their habits but won't assist a woman with a disabling disease help keep her children. Insanity.
1000Beverly Grant
This is wrong on so many levels! These kids should be able to stay with their mother!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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