851Nancy Sim
Absolutely disgusting. I hope Maria gets the help she needs.
852Nanik Chugani
Fix what is broken, not to break it more!!!
853Andras Schram
An illness can happen to anyone, how would you feel if this happened to you and the government wanted to take your children? This is unthinkable! This should not even be an option!
854Nicola Simon
Adoption is not the answer for these girls. MS will never stop a mothers love or the love her children feel from her.
855Sharon Knowlton
You take children from parents who are abusive and you help those who love their children....what more needs be said...common sense!!!!!!
856Shelley Adler
I'm embarrassed and ashamed that this could happen, shame on the government for not stepping up and doing something!
857Kari Hentzelt
This is SO SAD, that in this day and age, the government would be taking such a regressive step backwards. Marie's children need HER as much as she needs them.
858Maria Scripture
859Dallas Schwindt
This situation breaks my heart. Praying that she can get the help she needs!
860Sheila Neufeld
861Donna CapoDiCasa
Life is hard enough with MS. Without losing what is helping her stay as well as possible. The ability to spend time with the children she loves. This is just disgustingly wrong!
862Laura Smal
Maria deserves her children and needs them. I am sure the government can afford a little help to keep the family together.
863Nicola Dakers
864Parinder Gandhu
Government bureaucrats playing their silly rule games. Sickening! Remember the election in 3 1/2 years folks. We need someone at the helm who will stop nonsense like this.
866Michelle Artymko
867Megan Tinney
868Mellissa Krystalovich
869Vicky Miller
Just because she has MS does not mean she can't be a good mother. Time for the government to grab a brain help the disabled
Why to you have to take the kids away from their mother if she really loves them and want to be just with them? Let's face it,the last course of ms is death, why do we need to take that time away from her and her kids?
871Jessica Stehr
Instead of paying other people to look after her children, give the money to Maria so she can get help! Good grief, this is CANADA - a supposed civilized nation.
872Donna Bear
The Alberta government needs to step up and provide the resources so this woman can keep and care for her children at home. Forcing a woman who is sick and disabled to have to give her kids up for adoption?! Unreal.
873Shana Braun
874Trisha Dalton
Under what section of the act is this being enacted?? We are supposed to preserve the family unit. If neglect or abuse are not an issue, then something should be done to support this family. Another child in the system is simply uncalled for.
876Christy Morse
877Wade Percy
878Lindsay Detta
Marie should not lose her children! Everyone deserves to keep their family as a whole! That is what family is, a whole. You take her children away, and things will not be good for her! This is unreal!!
879Bernice Simms
880Diane Lausier
881Virginia Danihel
883Renee Detta
What is our world coming to? Taking a mothers children away because she is ill!!! SICK SICK SICK! And, not just taking them away, paying someone else to look after them, but won't give the funding required to keep the babies with their mommy. Breaks a mot
884Shonna Tennyson
885Cindy Kunz
886Carolle Chevalier
Please help her,she should not lose her children because of her desease. Think of those kids, they need their mother.
887Judy Gaudreau
The money is there for the children. The government will pay a foster home, so why not pay an agency to provide the care that is needed in the home for the children. The Government is ripping out any last hope & love this family deserves.
888Pam Goodchild - Mau
This is absurd!! She didn't ask for this horrible disease and she shouldn't be punished anymore than she already has been. Good lord, what is becoming of this world? Now we taking children away from parents. You just as well kill her then
889Corrie Menard
I cannot believe this is happening in our Province. We need to be Marie's voice and get change!
890Tracey Byer
Mandate states Family First whenever possible....make it possible. For THIS family and the others out there....
891Tami Levinsky
I hope that this will help Marie and all the other families out there in the same situation. The welfare system is already on overload. Please keep these children in their own home
892Rebecca Spiers
I hope that they do something for her and help her out. I wish I could do more!
893Dannielle McLane
This is ridiculous. We need to change this!!!!!
894Mark Richards
I'm so sorry that the people who are supposed to protect families are the one we must protect ourselves from. I hope they realise what they are doing and fix your family, Maria.
895Carol Williams
Please do the right thing and let these kids stay with there mother.
896Paula Matikainen
Time for the government to think outside the box!
This is saddens me and angers me. Please help this woman! Take some of your pay raise that you never should've got and put it towards funding for these types of families. My heart goes out to you!
899Murray Marsh
For 30 years our family has had to pay it's own way with a disabled child/adult. Overdue for a change on this issue Ms. Premier
900Jim Beatty
Do not remove the children from their mother. Nobody will love them as much as their own mother. Leave this family intact!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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