351Charlene Manning
Alberta Government you spend more money every week flying all around the world to meetings on your private jets and this family is asking to stay together. Please make it happen for the kids sake as well as the mother.
352Carole Lucier
353Eileen Davis
354Edith Mead
Maria does not need anymore heart ache. Pleas keep them together.
355Lael Miller
356Rachelle McIvor
357Jaime Lynch
You should be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed of your advice to this mother! Help this family!
358Derrek seelinger
Shame, shame, shame. Strong families=Strong province. We have so much in this province and here the government is taking more away. I feel for this young mother let's all stand up and let the alberta government know this will not stand.
359christine engelhardt
Make the right choice and help this family stay together as long as possible. Peace Love Happiness
360Marshall Lynch
361Lorne Macbeth
This government should be ashamed of letting these things happen...
362Naomi Vanveen
Unbelievable Please help this mom stay with her children.
363Sarah Radersma
364Dan Bruha
365Kristin Hedley
Shame on the Canadian Gov't!!No mother should have to be facing this choice. Where is your compassion??
366Joan Howard
Way to go. Lets get this government to step up to the plate!
367Lisa Cormier
368Andrew George
My grandma has cancer and the governemnt never bothered to help with treatment or to take away her kids. keep this family together what did the kids do to loose their mother? they need their mother at this time more than anything!!
369Susana Harden
Let this mother stay with her children...
370Tamara Windels
Remind the government that nothing can replace the family that loves and cares about you, and to lose sight of that means there's something fundamentally wrong with our system
371Elaine Haynes
Shame on our government! These children need to be with their mother.
372elaine wasdal
knows what children go thru in foster care .....DON'T let this happen to this family
373Silke Skinner
So wrong of the Canadian Government!!! The kids belong with their Mom!
374Leah Ferreira
I am also a single Mother with MS. Thankfully, I am currently healthy and working as a health professional, contributing to my community and to society. Is this the thanks I have to look forward to in the future should my MS worsen? Government FAIL!
375MaryLynn Jendrick
Why can't the government pay a Nanny instead of someone for foster care. Keep the children with their Mom
376Allan Bauer
377Leslie graham
The idea that a single parent who is ill theough no fault of her own is going to have her children taken from her by the government is an affront to common decency
378Sharon Mansha
379David Ius
We should be doing everything to keep mother and children together,giving her all the support she deserves.
380Jaclyn Murray
381Joanne Bourque
They will take the children and place them in foster care most likely until they can be adopted and who pays for this, they could spend the money on this but not helping her.
382luisa magnan
Canadian governemnt: what are you waiting for?
383Robert B Bourque
How much do they spend in court for parent/s who cause harm to their kids, look how much court costs and they cannot help out a parent who WANTS to look after her own!!!
384Dani RichBel
These girls need to be with their mother!! And their mother needs to be with them!!Its whats right!
385Anthony Braile
Flaws in this system need to be addressed. Good people who deserve legitimate assistance need access. Pick on the abusers of the system and cut back on the waste!! I've witnessed it for 17 years in the system! I hope some good comes of this.
386dana gray
387Pam Goliath
It's unbelievable that the government would even consider removing this woman's children.
388Stephanie Petersen
These children need to be with their mother.
389Starla Hoffe
To pay someone else to look after her children when it will cost less to support her in keeping her kids is deplorable! CDN govt if you want healthy youth do not rip them from loving family. What would happen if it was a govt official and their kids? Thx
390Debbie Bone-Dyck
These girls need to stay with their mother. The government will pay to put them in foster care, they should pay to keep them with their mom.
391Krista Wheeler
392Jessica strutt
393Ashley N
This is heartbreaking. Alberta, get your act together and keep these children with their mother. Keep in mind WE are the voters and WE demand change.
394Wendy Hoban
395Kathleen Kruk
This situation is deplorable!! Do the right thing!
396Tammy Desjardins
397Brenda Hall
These children need to be with their mother. MS should not tear families apart and funding should be available so people can stay in their homes woth family.
398Jacob Das
what's next, have your kids taken away because you have cancer or a heart disease? wake up social services and get your act together.
399Danielle Wolfe
I sure hope that we as a group can make a difference.
400Maegen Winkler
These little girls need not be adopted out or in the system. The system iis clearly failing here.Lets say someone in human servces developed MS,..and husband left or died..and she became a single quikly the story would change....common Albert
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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