701Christine Thompson
702Catherine Stovel
703Tara Wilson
I am upset that her children would be taken away from her! they need each other. She has MS and is not a bad mother. Why would her kids be taken away? I can't even believe that. She needs the help!!!
704tracey wakeling
Civilised society - I don't think so. Shame on the Canadian system.
705Nancy Bell
How dare anyone tear apart this family, to even consider such action is appalling. Please help them deal with their situation, which was no choice of their own, instead.
706Kasey Dornstauder
707Maria deKleer
So unjust and unfair and absurd shame on the government.
708Tracey Calvert
709Nita Bueckert
This is a story that touches my heart. These children deserve to be with their mother. Why punish those with disabilities?
710scott landry
Justice must be served!!!
711candace trithart
712michael martin
713Kristy Sims
M.S. should never be a reason to tear a family apart. Keep them together.
714Christina West
715Emily Crowhurst
716charlene savard
Let this dear mother keep her children around her.They will recive a life-long lesson by being with and helping their mother during the final stages of this horrible disease
717Bernadette Dowling
718Laura Dennis
So much for the "best interests of the children". This is draconian. It would cost less for Social Services to pay for a full-time Nanny than to keep the children in care, deal with their emotional and attachment issues and destroy a family and a Mother.
719Jennifer Warren
720Louanne Henry
This is so criminal. Brings tears to my eyes and am praying for this precious family. Government needs to wake up and give their heads a shake. They are only too happy to help those in other countries, but NOT our own right here in Canada.
721Lenora Champion
This would just not be right . Keeping families together in times of trouble is what familys do. No one has the right to tear them apart unless they are being physicaly harmed. This would be a leagal wrong-doing ! Stay strong MAria we stand with you! *]:>(
723Olga Safro
These kids deserve to stay with their birth family as long as possible. Please help the woman, she is sick, not a bad mother!
724Sue Johnston
It is shameful that our government is not helping this lady. Our laws certainly need changing.
725Hilary Boone
This is discrimination. Has Alberta left the word equality out of their dictionary. The UK has personal budgets to allow disabled people the choice to purchase their own care needs and its far cheaper than the alternatives. Is Alberta still in the 1900's

726Stacey Mackie
Living with MS myself I know her ups and downs, Thank God for my husbnd and family!!! Now is when she needs her kids the most, there love is the best medicine for her!!! Don't condem her for loving her kids, help her live her life!!! Keep them together!!!
727Roxanne Komher
I stand for "Marie". The government doesn't have the right to take children out of a loving home.
729Wendy Pittman
730Kelin Friesen
731Lisa Moore
Everything should be done to keep kids with their Mom
733Debbie Layton
734Danielle Currie
It is ridiculous that our government would rather pay to take this women's children away from her and place them in the system, rather than help her care for her children.
735Collin Turner
Its bad enough that Maria has to suffer through MS. Help her keep her children and help her find care for herself and her kids.
736Sherry Hiebert
Taking her children away is not a solution. What if this was a member of your own family?
737Carolyn Boyd
739Ashley Richter
740Jennifer Chiefmoos
Help her keep her children They need to be with her!. It seems there must not be extended family avaliable or resposible enough to help so if the time nears when she can't do it help her find an adoptive family to put them with so foster care is not needed
741Joel Boivin
The Government has no heart for people with disabilities help find a nanny for marie
742Jerilyn Potts
743Cheryl Hammond
Why would you want to take these childen away because the mother is sick. This is outrageous. You continously give children back to parents who are drug users and are abusive. This is a loving caring genuine mother who loves these children.
744Tihana Lakovic
745Rachel Roberts
The system is failing and something has to be done about this. How could the Government allow this to happen. Please help find funding for Marie she needs this for her children. Taking her children away is not a solution. Put yourself in her shoes.
746Yvonne Houde
Taking children away from a parent because of an illness and suggesting adoption is the most outragious thing I have heard! The Caseworker who said these words out loud shouldn't sleep at night!
747Melanie Johnson
She has suffered enough clearly, and so has her children. Please let her keep her children!
748Bill Henry
Total discrimination. This woman is being punished for something that is beyond her control. Who has the right to do this to her and her kids?
749melissa yanosik
The children need to be with there mom no one else.
750Gaelyn Gilby-MacLeod
What an outrage!!! This country is supposed to represent understanding and compassion for those in need. As a tax payer and a mother, I find that even having to have this petition DEPLORABLE. These babies belong with their MOTHER!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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