51Cheri Visser
Kids need their Mothers!!!!!
52Lora Stenberg
Keeping families together, needs to be more important!!!!
53Marg Villner
There has to be a way to keep this family together.
54cathy jestin
as a x foster parent i agree give this mother the help she needs to keep her faimly together this is un called for and not fair
55Lorin Powell
Please help keep this family together. I can not imagine how my son would have handled his mother being taken away from him. Canada, we must put family first and we must also start offering venous angioplasty to correct CCSVI now!
56Leslie-Anne Glenwright
That is PATHETIC. To take children from their mothers that they love because she needs some help at her time of need ! The government will give checks to anyone that comes in the Country but not's it's own. PATHETIC !!
57R McCarroll
58Nadine Ross
so sad - familys should stay together not be ripped apart!
59Andreia Ribeiro
Let's take the $1000 every non-meeting committee member was receiving and let's give that to this mom to pay for a nanny to help out!! UNREAL!!! This government is a joke when it comes to families and protecting them!
60Peter Garside
Help the people of our country first then feel free to help people in other countries is what i would like to say to our gov.
61Kelly Stephens
Seriously!!! Seriously!!! Do we have to tell you how wrong this is!! Actually I don't think we do!! You already know how wrong it is!
62Jennifer Crossfield
That's just horrific that this would even be a consideration.
63Alison Colton
The government has a responsibility to keep this family together, not tear them apart!
64Dietta Kinkley
This woman should not lose her children.I am ashamed at the goverment we have and to the social worker who has given her the only option to put her kids in a foster home should be ashamed. Lets help her keep her children and her children keep their mother
65Lori Lumax
Imagine your life without your children if you became seriously ill. If the government could chip in and help this amazing mother give her children the best chance for them as a family
67Cris Paulishyn
Step up Alberta and help keep this family together! By removing the children you will have a detrimental impact on not only the mothers life but also the childrens lives. Ever do research on what happens to the children? Just ask me!
68Brandy Spence
The money the government would pay for these children to be placed in the foster care system needs to be put towards keeping this family together.

As an aside, I just want it to be clear that I don't think that this is a "money racket" for foster parents!
69Dagmar Lofts
This is complicated. Give her CCSVI treatment and see how she improves, please?
with the wealth floating around Alberta you would think that they could come up with enough to help this unfortunte woman these children probably give her more hope and encourgement than any drugs she is given.Because she has ms doesnt mean she has no emot
71Ken Poole
This is complete and udder B.S., in a province as rich as this one, and they are more interested in paying M.L.A,s to absolutely S.F.A, and they can't even raise a bloody finger to help this family. As a born and bred Albertan am truly disgusted with P.C,s
72Ginger Major
I was raised by a mother with severe MS and my worst nightmare would have been to have been taken a Nanny (cheaper than adopting out) for these girls.
73Darlene West
What an absloutely deplorable situation, I can't even imagine how things like this can happen.With the monies our gov't wastes and they can't help this Mother out. All I can say is they will have a lot to answer for if they don't help at a time like this.
74Corrina Lee
I can't imagine what Maria is feeling right now. The government and social workers makes me sick. These kids treated like puppies. Government officials getting paid $1000.00+ a month for nothing and they can't help. SICK!!
75Sandra Whitaker
This is disgusting, this poor family need help where are people? She needs Venoplasty for CCSVI
76Judy Filipkowski
How can Alberta even begin to contemplate taking children away form their Mother. There are other and better ways. Wake up Canada - this is 2012 but we are moving back into the dark ages.
77kym jory
Help this woman keep her children.
79Helen Nordick
If I said what I REALLY want to say I would get a visit from the police. Therefore I'll just say, THIS STINKS!
81Mike Lee
You the can pay a politition $1000.00 a month for nothing but you refuse too pay for a nanny for this mother so she can keep her kids???!!!! Makes me sick!!!
82Brenda Mowbray
i'm sure the government can spare some cash to help this woman. Such a sad situation!
84Heidi Gale
85Nancy Doyle
In a couple more years those 2 little girls will be such a big help to there mother.....Bring the help into the home. I cannot believe this is happening in Alberta. Where is Alberta's new Health Minister?
86Christopher Alkenbrack
I say we cut the CEO of the MS Society by 20% and give this lady $ 50,000 a year to support her kids. While they sit in their ivory towers, people with MS need help. This breaks my heart. Maria, I hope the petition will open the eyes of the right people.
87Jason Kinkley
88Winnifred Darwin
This Mom needs help NOW! Instead of pencil pushers using all the funds raised for MS, help someone who needs it!
89Kim Conway
90Ben Schell
91dennis pike
Help Maria and her children and help so that they can remain together, I know all about separating kids from their parent and what it can do to the kids, first hand experience.
92katie gilland
93Bev St Vincent
It should be about keeping the family together, all of the family!What the hell is wrong with this goverment and why do people vote for these morons?
94bryan bagley
please government make it work so that this family can stay together if that is what the family wants
96Kaylie Kinkley
family is everything, help Maria and her children!
97tanya barrett
she doesnt deserve to have her kids taken!!!leave them where they are! she just wants financial help!
98Esther Bekkering
99Lisa Anthony
100Kim Brewer
Angry with our Alberta Government in thinking its better to split this family apart! Maybe these politicians should think about the mental/emotional abuse they are putting Marie and her girls through!! Do the right thing and keep this FAMILY TOGETHER!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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