301Kim L
These kids and this Mom deserve a chance to be a family for as long as their Mom is here with us. Don't tear this apart!
302Jody Willerton
Lets keep this family together. Foster care does not come close to being bought up by your real parents and especially if said mom does the best she can. MS is NOT!! a reason to take these children away from her. God bless this mom and her kids.
303shelley bailey
Maria has enough to deal with without having to fear losing her children too,our government should be ashamed of themselves for even considering this, she should be given government help to let her keep her children at home with her where they belong
304Jesse Dean
I think it is sickening that the government is willing to pay spmeone else to rIse her kids but are not willing to pay that money for someone to be in her home to help raise her kids!
306Sharalynn Seibt
Don't rip this family apart and distroy many lives in the process. Instead, make an example of this family, of how with a little help parents who love their children unconditionally can still be excellent parents no matter what their physical abilities are
307Daina French
She is an unbelievably strong woman to have gone through the past four years emotionally, mentally, and physically...don't take away the one thing that will keep her fighting to live her life to the best she can. Let her keep this happiness in her life.
Honestly the Gov't needs to be more empathetic in situations such as this!! They need to revisit their policies and make life easier for people who have become disabled. Taking the kids in not the answer nor the solution!
309Gerilyn Beazer
310Chris Hillier
311Tammy McDaniel
312Sam Brace
What a bunch of bull. Fire a couple of bureaucrats and give the savings to this lady to help her. Enough of this insensitive crap!!
313Tahnee Darmanin
just anouther pay cheque in the goverments pocket. Everytime a child goes in to foster care the gov. make money.
314Kyla Boschee
315Tiffany Currie
marie is such amazing person and mother she would do anything for anyone if she can the only way she will get threw this is if her kids are with her and her kids need so please help her she deserves it
316Coralee Nonay
Every child deserves to stay with a parent who loves them. If there was ever a case of assisting someone in need this it it!
317Norah Tindall
I hope Marie gets the help she do badly needs and deserves. The Alberta government should be ashamed of themselves.
318Peter Boswell
Its better to pay for a nanny, what s with the stupid gov't are they taht dumb
319Brenda Pachal
NO mother should ever lose her children due to a manageable nasty disease that brings its own stress.
320Samantha Gareau
321Mary Addison
Is the MS Society helping? If not, why not?
322Helen Erickson
Maria is going through enough with her m.s.; to have her children taken away because of it is unbelievable.
323shandee manship
I say "NO" to foster care
324joanne kuilboer
if you take her children away from my as well pull the trigger. please think of long term effects on the little ones. this is so like our government....absolutely disgusting!!!!
325Luke Kotowich
326Brenda Sitter
327Dorlisa Prior
328Trevor Stross
329susan comeau
This family should not be ripped apart..Please remember this could happen to anyone including you!
330susan comeau
This family should not be ripped apart..Please remember this could happen to anyone including you!
331Irene Hamm
Keep families together!!!
332Sarah Kawaleski
No mother should ever be forced to put her children up for adoption due to a debilitating illness...come on the right thing!
333Roger Vankosky
This Government is more worried about the election than caring for their people. I'm EMBARRASED to be an Albertan tonite. Shame Shame Premier Redford. I hope this is brought up during the election... Hitler would have looked after this.
334Michelle Speelman
No to adoption No to foster care... HAVE A HEART ALBERTA GOVERNMENT...whats wrong with you..?? How can you play GOD with so many lives???
335Ann Hardy
Please keep this family together!
336melissa Bosman
337kelly wilson
338Shelley Mac Millan
339J. L. Schmitt
Here we have a mother with a disability who WANTS to care, provide & support her children. Yet, the province financially supports parents that have no parential skills & abundance of children with no intention to even try to support their own family!!
340Cindy Purcell
How can the government sleep with peace, knowing they want to take her children away!! You disgust me. I am totally ashamed to be an Albertan right now!Remember, KARMA is a *****.
341Jacqueline Ruzycki
342Rosa Palchevsky
NO to adoption! NO to foster care! Alberta is the richest province and can afford to help this family!
343Trish Chiasson
These children need to be with their mother sick or not! She didn't ask for this illness. I hope the government does the right thing!
344Tara Newport
345Irene Hamm
Keep families together!!!
346Lindsay Dykstra
348Tavia Kiejko
349Shannon Woodward
Don't tear these poor children away from their mother.
350tara harden
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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