501Ewa Langer
Stories like this really get me worked up. On one hand, we hear numerous stories of child abusers/murderers who get reduced (or no) sentences, while loving parents have their kids taken away. How low can society go?
502Ericka Mason
this mother needs help. government put yourself in her shoes. think of how you would feel. God bless this women for being so strong and fighting her dam hardest.
503Dawn Eres
This HAS to be changed so no one will EVER have to choose between their children and help! All I keep thinking about is the movie Sophie's Choice! I am utterly disgusted and ashamed that I live in such a callous province!
504pauline May
The goverment really doesn't care.Don't take Maria's babies away from her. She needs all the support that can be provided to keep them a family ! You are in my prayers Maria and kids !
505Martin Dykstra
I work in the healthcare field and see the abuse of our system by those that have a choice to change and don't And this mother didn't choose to get MS so why can't she get the help she requires to keep her family together!!!!!
506Shannon Motter
Give the money the foster parents would get & give it to Marie for a live in nanny. Keep families together.
507gordon oakes
Wake me, I hope this is only a nightmare.Is this the Canada I live in?
508Marion Creasey
Having lost my mother to MS when I was young, this is very close to my heart. Give this lady some dignity and help her in everyway possible to keep her family together.
509Darren B
Completely sad and horrible situation. What a government we have, a convicted child molester gets 2 years and this mother get her kids taken away. Where is the consistency
510Sharon Dias
511Pamela Farrell
This is UNREAL! Because a woman has a disability that prevents her physically from helping her children they want to take them away? That is INSANITY!!! She is mentally capable and this is absolutely horid. We live in CANADA not in a third world country!!!
513Jamie Shima
514Ronda Turner
A total travesty Shame on our government!!! No heart left in our representatives??? I think the government should address this inhumane action by our services/officials immediately and place qualified caregiver and the children back in the FAMILY HOME!!!
515Laura Lee Whitlow
516James Kraan
If the government can support able bodied people to stay at home, they can support somone who is not so able to stay with their KIDS!
517Anita Mickla
518Sharon Nelson
519Christie Swainson
520Dorine Boivin
Shame on the government no heart at all lets find a nanny for Marie she does not deserve to lose her kids to adoption
521Rachelle Bess
This family needs to stay together. Period. Our government doesn't hesitate to help our drug addicts and abusers to get their kids back, but someone gets something that is beyond their control, and our government won't help? What is wrong with our world
522Miranda Bess
No family deserves to be apart
523Marilyn Snyder
I am ashamed of our government, this should not happen in Canada.
524Kelli Ruetch
525Matt Haynes
Our government bureaucracy is so out of touch with the reality of its citizens, it is unfathomable.
526Cindy peers
Government should have their pensions taken away and given to this woman .. For Unethical and unprofessional conduct
527Jason Bell
Our Conservative government is willing to remove children from a dying mother & pay $1500 per child for foster care, but for the same money they won't keep the children with their mother and provide a live-in caregiver instead?
528Roxanne Caron
This is insane! Anyone that has ever had a child knows how much these children need their mother mother!
This is ridiculous! Just goes to show that the Canadian/Alberta government are not here for our own people! This woman didnt ask for this disease! It could happen to anyone! Yep even the men and women of the Almighty Government!
530Connie Murphy
My Mother has and died with MS. These girls need there mother! Believe me!
531Raphael Murphy
532brandon B
The given fact that you would take a child. if it were Redfords child she would have people working too the bone.
533Dawn Eres
This HAS to be changed so no one will EVER have to choose between their children and help! All I keep thinking about is the movie Sophie's Choice! I am utterly disgusted and ashamed that I live in such a callous province!
534Karen M
Please don't let this happen! This woman needs her children as they need her.
535Derrick Spencer
The cold bureacratic solution proposed by the gov't does not save the province any money and it serves to destroy a family already under stress. There needs to be a way to review individual cases so that compassionate solutions can be found.
536Wendy Woolridge
The government needs to step up and help not only for Marie but for all the Marie's that need help. i have a friend who has seizures and ends up in the hospital a lot, she has children at home, can't seem to get any help. Children need their mom's!
537Patricia Mulligan
Save children's lives for the love of family and the importance of staying together! If the government can pay to stay in foster care the pay for a nanny instead!
538Linda Trudeau
What are they thinking,,she needs a helping hand not more added stress by taking her kids away
539Ruby Walters
just because someone has been diagnosed with any type of illness or disease doesn't mean they lose their sense of feeling! I'm sure this lady loves her children and has more time for hers then any member of any government!
540Rebecca Cromarty
Disgusting, shameful, out of control....describes our gov't and they're power hungry ways!
541Jennifer Peterson
These kids need their mom! This is disgusting!
542monica smith
543Kevin Estey
The Alberta government should be doing everything possible to keep the family together.
544sandi Wharry
545Mary Anne Britnell
This mother needs help to care for her children, whether it be a live in nanny or not, it is still necassary and the gov't should be there to help her.
546Ingrid Sabatier
Just who do you think you are to take these chidren away from their Mom ? That is uncareing and cruel . This is all she and they have and you want to break up this family because YOU think it is best. Give your empty heads a shake and activate your brains.
547Mira Quintin
This family needs help and support, not to be broken up by their own Government. Think - you could be next!
548Stephan Quintin
Government (or rather one incompetent Government caseworker/unit/Department) are acting in a very inconsiderate and uncaring manner and such negative interference of the Government, into someone’s already stressful life, should not become an allowed practice!
549Luanne Caron
550Renee urquhart
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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