401Kelly Saniga
402Theresa Sawyer
I can't believe something like this could happen in CANADA!!!
403Trena Bruce
The government must have a way they can fund the care needed for these children while leacing them in their home with their mother! To force them into foster care or adoption would be criminal.
404Angela Brinston
There is no reason this family should be split up! This is a form of child abuse! The mental anguish the goverment is putting on this family is not acceptable!
405Shirley Ackland
It is indeed a sad state that a govt would remove children from a mother instead of providing her with the supports for her MS and allow her to keep her children with her as long as possible.
Every mom has the right to stay a mom. Let's keep it that way. As someone who would LOVE to be a foster Mom, I would not want to be one to someone who had their children taken away for this reason.
maria and her children should be together and she should be able to get the help she needs
408Amber threinen
Willing to do anything to help let this mother keep her beautiful daughters!!!!!! She deserves to keep them and live a life with them!!!!!! And having an uncontrollable disease shouldn't allowe her to have her kids taken away by any means
409Karen Graham
This lady is not a criminal or an abuser. This is shocking behaviour by the richest Province in Canada.
We all get one Mom. These kids need theirs. She needs, loves and cares for her children greatly.
Stop this ridiculous behaviour.
411Tom Chan
My daughter has MS in BC and if this happened to her I'd be devastated as would she. We as a society support drug users, criminals, immigrants in trying to keep their children with their mom's but not willing to do same for someone with a disability..shame
412Jaclyn Tucker
413Colleen Mcleod
Already posted and said by many. This lack of help cannot be accepted.
414Dorothy Fuller
Shame on the Alberta Government and furthermore, shame on the Federal Government. This family needs to be keep together, have they not enough to deal with! Maybe they should use the repayment funds from that committee scandal to help keeping this family together
415Abbi Saunders
This makes me so sad. My father had MS for 17 years, I can't even comprehend being taken away from my parent(s) beacause of his illness.His mind was perfectly fine! Something really needs to change here!
416Dwayne Marshall
417Vanessa Marshall
418Judy Kennedy
These children need their mother. It is ridiculous to separate them because she is ill.
419Sarah Potter
420Vanessa Montgomery
421Alicia myslicki
422Maria Cerni
I would much rather any family stay together.
423Shauna Frederick
These girls need to be with their mom, enough said.
424Sylvia Vervoorst
These children need to be with their mother, we need to find a way to make this possible.
425Cynthia grant
426Mallory Yawnghwe
100% supported!
427Jennifer Ward
This family must stay together!
428Anton Kleinhans
I am discussed by the action of this goverment.
429sara das
These kids need to be with their mother- alberta givernment should help mom get the help- not take the kids away
430Walter Saunders
431Laura Petriw
432Lori Geng
433colleen fairbairn
changes need to take place so ppl in these situations can get the help and support needed to stay together as a family. these girls have but one mom and this mom needs her daughters now and always. good luck.
434Tom Zubot
435Stephen Kelly
Ridiculous. If you want my vote you will look after people like this. Otherwise, the current provincial government can start looking in the want ads.
436Darlene Carter
I think this is intolerable for any ill person to have to go thru, especially in this province
437Shannon Berecloth
438Kimberly Roy
439Jackie Gauthier
440Rose Hawkins
With all the money that the government has available for other programs, why can't they provide financial aid to hire a live in nanny for someone who desperately wants to keep her children. Please help.
441Leslye Gower
How on earth could this be justified? Canada has become a heartless place to be. MS has become a target of politicians everywhere in this country. to the detriment of those who suffer from it. Disgusting.
442Sharon canning
This is outrageous!!!!! Help this mom don't punish her and for God sake don't punish her children!!!!!
443Jessica Neumann
444Tammy Williams
445Deb Kars
This draws a line govt. help this mom out and stop helping other country's. Keep this family together not pull them apart.Proud to be Canadian but hate our govt. KEEP THEM TOGETHER..
446Bobby McCallum
Lets pay millions to keep Picton in jail till he dies, yet steal Maria's children away because of her physical disability and we won't fund child care assistance. Alberta should hang their head in shame.
447Pamela Duncan
The lack of compassion from the tories shouldn't surprise me...but this is so outrageous it does.
448Jacqueline Lindquist
There needs to be a way that this family can stay together.
449Jacqueline Pittman
450Trish McCallum
we can keep scum like Olsen, Russ Williams in jail till they die - but we can't save a needy family. SHAME on you Canada ..
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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