GOD help her because the GovÕt wonÕt! The way that GovÕt (all parties) spends money that the Public DOES NOT know about is astronomical - it sickens me hearing this knowing how some of the wasted & totally unnecessary taxpapersÕ dollars are spent.
902Rhonda Cerenzie
What is wrong with this world? The government will give abused kids back to the abusers because they want to keep families together, but they will take loved kids from a mother who has a disease. This saddens me. Please help this mother keep her kids.
903Alexis Pomarenski
904Jeanne Ries
905Frances Whitzman
i find it hard to live in a society where they would take children away from a mother who actually cares about there babies. where a drug addict mother has more pull all they have to do is clean up for a little bit. i dont get what our world is coming to.
906Holly Klitch
This is pathetic! This family is suffering enough, don't destroy what time they have left, do something!
907Mike Klitch
Time to revamp a badly damaged health care system. Don't make innocents suffer.
908Gemma Wagner
I cant believe this is even an option. Just terrible!
910Tracy Jackson
911Lindsay Renner-Cairns
My mother went through the same thing and was put into a long term care facility against her will!
912Stephanie Montpas
913Thomas Burgess
914Linda Varro
This is disgusting.How can you claim to be concerned about the children when you're putting them up for Adoption!!!Shame on you!Let's start a fund for her, regardless and just send money. It could be called a "gift".
915Thora Meaade
916Nick Papov
I had a niece who had M.S.They had to put her in a home,while she wanted to stay and be with her family as long as possible.But could not get any help financial help from the Government.The time was when her children needed her,she was sent to a home.
917kathryn karroll
wow disgusting... what has our world come to ?
918Jodi McCutcheon
919Jillian Koftinoff
920Frank Smith
921kelsey terpstra
Horrible! The Govt would rather pay a foster parent than the own mother
922Michaela Pembroke
It makes me sick that a loving mother would be denied her children because of a disease she has no control over. How heartless.
923Lacey Stewart
This is shameful! I cannot believe how this family is being treated by our government!
924Dusty Edelman
This is outrageous, she is not a bad parent or a criminal. Illness is not a reason to take children away from they're home. Our government needs to start stepping up to the issues that are arising in this country.
925Lorelei Kempenaar
926Christina Rawluk
927Nicole Younge
I get the point of child services wanting the best for children BUT in this case they're not looking at what is best for these girls. Removing them from a loving home?Really? There has to be a way to provide subsidy especially for those with disabilities.
928Jeremy Murphy
In my opinion, the idea that officials would remove children from their mother’s care simply because she is sick (at no fault of her own) is absolutely deplorable. The only time (THE ONLY TIME!!!) officials should be permitted to remove children from their parent’s care is if the parents are either physically or mentally abusing the children. That hardly seems to be the case in this situation!!!! Children and teenagers absolutely need their mothers. They can get by in life without a lot, but not their mothers. Take a child away from his or her mother and you will emotionally scar him or her for ever. The individuals who are attempting to remove the children from this woman’s care are not looking at the situation from an emotional point of view; to them it is simply another day at the office. I have a question to ask anyone who believes that taking the children away from their mother is the right things to do. The question is this, if you suddenly became sick (IT CAN HAPPEN) would it be okay for someone else to walk into your life and say,” well, it appears as though you may struggle with caring for you children so we are taking them from you”? Would that be okay? Of course it wouldn’t be okay with you! So don’t take this woman’s children from her!!As a society we can’t let officials remove children from their parent’s care simply because the parent is ill. That seems like something that would happen in Saudi Arabia not Canada. Just remember you could find yourself in a similar situation in the future. If you do find yourself in a similar situation in the future wouldn’t it be nice if people stood up for you? Stand up for this woman for the love of God!
929lindsay mckay
to help promote health and healing in ms there needs to be a positive environment for both mother and children, keeping the family together with the help of a caregiver/live in nanny would benefit and be in the best interest of this mother and her family.
930Shelley stross
931lesley martineau vienneau
This is an outrage...I cannot believe this is happening to this family...I am disgusted with our government...
932Susan Lundy
933Lindsay Menard
This is just sickening. My husband has MS and would need help with our son if I weren't around, he is the best dad a boy could ask for, it would kill both him and my son to be ripped away from his dad. I can't even believe that this is an option.
help Marie
935Philip Menard
Horrible. Their is nothing like the love of your mother. Keep this family together.
936Rosemary Jennings
hoiw very sad, leave them togather. put yourself in that childs place how would you feel , shame on the goverment.
937Mona Davis
This is just horrible, and makes no sense to me!!
938Amanda Couch
Please keep this family together.
This needs to be an election issue. Whatever party fixes this debacle gets my vote. All you "committee" members, time to cough up your free money and put it to good use.
940Martha Yepes
It is time for the Alberta Government to wake up and help this woman. How can you think that taking these children from their mother is going to help her or the children!
941Cassandra Valderrama
My mother suffers from MS. I have often taken care of her and I understand the support the people suffering from MS need. It is very sad that the Government is willing to make this poor woman suffer. The Government needs to step up to the plate.
942Wendell Forth
When Governments can spend $600,000 on questionable art along a freeway, then certainly the Government should be able to find funds for a worthy cause like this one.
943Adriana Yepes- Forth
As an MS sufferer, I feel the Government should do more to help this woman. There is not enough support as it is for MS patients. This would show that the Government truly cares for its residents and their well-being.
944Shirley McCoy
My prayers are with you Maria & your beautiful children
945Felix Lui
As a health care worker, I see on a daily basis, children suffering about their parents illnesses. Taking the children away from thier mother would only do more damage then good. Its time the Government put all that money put away to good use
946Yvonne Vega
This is not right!
947Christina Bourne
I am outraged that tax dollars would be spent putting these children into foster care etc, instead of keeping them with their mother. I will show my feelings at the polls if the government does not step in and fix this.
948Leslie Edwardson
I am ansolutely saddened and disgusted with the way this family is being treated! Drug addicts and child abusers get to retain (or gain back) custody of their children and are offered support for rehabilitation, but this mom can't??
949Kim Crosby
Some how this doesn't surprise me. you would take her children and pay cfs funds possibly, overtime n there somewhere. But you can't get her in home nanny. Have to reconsider my vote next election.
950Chad Kerychuk
Time for Alberta to show the rest of the world how to take care of people. Big business still seems to win out over the average citizen. Do what's right.
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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