201Dawn Draper
Her children should not be taken from her because she is sick. She should be able to get help to keep and look after children.
203Edna Lee
I do not know the details of the story, only the information presented on this petition site. I think this is a disgrace! There us a Charter of Rights and I suggest this lady contact legal aid and get National media coverage on the issue.
It's amazing how the Alberta government can think about taking kids away from a happy home when there are hungry and beaten children all over the province that could use a home to feel safe in.
205Bonnie Boogmans
206Gloria Tkachuk
Typical govt! This is horrific and they must be forced to help her and those little girls stay together. What the hell is home care for. Like all govts they need to find common sense.
207Hali Camick
208Nicole Egli
209Dave Tkachuk
KEEP THESE LITTLE GIRLS WITH THEIR MOM. Let's see, 2 girls in Foster care $3000.00 per mo., 1 adult in long term care probably about the same; 1 live-in immigrant nanny $1600.00 per mo. Imagine the $$$ saved if govts could do the math!
210warren stefanuk
This is how it goes. The politicians take good care of themselves while victimizing the most defenseless members of society!
211Bob Skrypnyk
Just another example of a cold heartless system that does not give a damn about people, just numbers,...Oh, we saved another one today,..Yeah right! That social worker came across as totally heartless on Global TV Edmonton. Let's get behind this.
212Tami Torscher
Sad, very sad our government should be ashamed!
213Gabriela Egli
214Dale Woolsey
215Bob Skrypnyk
Although it has been proven with government that petitions don't necessary work. Direct letters to the government and your MLA don't always work either,..SOOooo DO BOTH!!! Bombard these govt people with as much mail, e-mail, and communication as possible!!
216Alfred Egli
217Leanne Weidman
I have worked in the disability field for many years and this is a huge issue, there are NO services whatsoever that help when it is the PARENT with a disability. This is a terrible shame. NOW is the time to talk to the govt about this. This is horrible
How cruel is this society when an agengy can tear apart a family because mom has such a horrible diesease honestly let this family stay together give Mom support to take care of her daughters the family deserves to stay together.
219Carl Brentnell
Funny they don't take kids away from people with no brains (ie. politicians in this case)
220karen smith
221Chantal Jarbeau
222Kyra Wachs
The one and only place these children deserve to be is at home with their mother, and the one and only thing this mother needs in life is her children at home
223Monique Pillay
It's imperative that we support family and these children are nurtured and cared for by their MOM!
224Chantal Jarbeau
Please keep this family together!!
225Stan Ingham
Good luck. The system always does the most expensive & family destroying way of doing things, regardless of province. 10 years of fostering and advocating for the natural families proved that
226Cheryl Warner
I am horrified about this!!
228Crystal Bruce
Where does it end for MS patients? Services need to be put into place to HELP her care for her children! Another backward attempt by the government! Makes me sick!
229Share Taylor
This does happen and it is just sickening. It has to stop and stop NOW. So many Canadian citizens are blind to what is happening in our own country.
230Iris Davies
231Courtney comeau
That is disturbing, I couldn't imagine :(
232Bob Skrypnyk
Although it has been proven with government that petitions don't necessary work. Direct letters to the government and your MLA don't always work either,..SOOooo DO BOTH!!! Bombard these govt people with as much mail, e-mail, and communication as possible!!
233Debbie Bond
Please help this poor lady.She needs to be with her children.
234kym jory
Unbelievable ,I do not understand ,how could this be . Children belong with the mother not strangers !
236Tara-Lynn van Dyk
Good Luck I pray for the best. She is an amazing woman and I want to see her happy and the only way for that to happen is with her kids.
237Maxine David
There is no doubt that surrounded by the love of a mother is the best environment for any child! HELPING THIS MOTHER CONTINUE TO NURTURE HER CHILDREN WOULD BE A SERVICE TO HER AND A HER CHILDREN AS WELL AS ALBERTA AND OUR COUNTRY! Being a mother is much more than just changing diapers or cleaning the house. Allow this woman to continue to care for and encourage the development of her children. There is no substitute for a mother’s loving care !
240Josephine Hartline
I cannot believe in this day and age this is even being considered!!!!!!!!!!!! Please find her help not take her children that is barbaric!!
241Alicia Letto
Family is meant to be together wether it is good or bad
242Nancy Hall
Our province can do better.
243Janet Nicholson
with how many children that don't have homes because of horrible living conditions and neglect, being bounced around from place to place it is costing the govt millions of dollars a year. These children have the chance to stay in a stable home with some hel
244Diane Nfon
Est-ce que ça existe des fonctionnaires qui pensent avec leur tête. Certainement, mais pas dans ce cas!
245Sharon van Dyk
Changes happen when there is unity in defending causes such as this one. God Bless all.
246Corinna Bolig
247garry bolig
248Denise Manley
The Canadian government should be looking at how to keep families together in the face of adversaties. Take these children from their mother and what do you think you are teaching them?
249Bonnie Bolig
250catherine currie
she dont deserve to loose her kids cause she is sick there r people out there that dont deserve to keep there kids yet they still have there kids n this wonderful lady wants to keeps hers n the children want to stay with her as well!so y take her kids
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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