551Corrine McMahon
I cannot imagine how it would feel to be given this choice/ultimatum by my own government. Some things are just plain wrong. In every sense. This is one of them.
552Neal Fahselt
Why is common sense not-so-common in our government? To break-up an obviously loving and caring family is the only solution?!?!? How will the emotional stress benefit anyone in this family? Please change the current policies/laws to do the RIGHT thing.
553Charlene Wight
I can not believe they would split up these children from their mother for the price of a nanny a month, when they help companies pay for foreign workers to come into this country to work. I am not against foreign workers I am against government helping pay
554Garret Reid
This is the beginning of many travesties to come in a world where we act like we are Infinite in a Finite world, where we lack spiritual growth and are slowly becoming numbed, when things like this should have everyone of us crying. This is so very wrong..
555Linda Gallant
This family deserves to stay together. They need the governments support to make sure this happens.
556Jenn Olsen
Seriously. The government totally believes the own everyone. There are other children who are physically beaten and sexually abused and the government is worried for these two because their mommy is sick. Hmmmm. Seriously messed up!
557Kimberley snow
I have MS. And I can't imagine this to happen to me. Stay strong.
558Deb Henry
559Peggy Bell
What is wrong with people!!! This woman WANTS her children and the government says she needs to put her kids up for adoption. I cannot believe how uncaring the caseworkers are being. HELP HER!!!
560Lori Harnack
Shame on the Alberta Goverment.
561Rhonda Brand
It's time our goverment steps up!!
562Arlen Williams
I think our government is in for a surprize with a election nearing,this is so wrong
563Kathy Day
564Brandy Devey
565Michelle Stewart we not have enough kids in the system. Why should Maria or her kids be punished because she has a disease. Thought this was a free Country Canada. Why is the government stepping in to private buisness? YOU ARE NOT GOD!!!
Please help this family stay together.
567Kim Seminowich
This is terrible... They should be ashamed letting this happen to a child and parent... This is something that should never happen in this country!!!
568Amethyst Kelly
Something needs to be done!
569John Neuman
Please help this family stay together
571Joyce Gordon
This is a mother who loves her children - she has an illness not of her own doing - our Government would do well to give her the help she needs to keep her family together - not take them away
572Sheryl sampert
The children need to be with mom. I can't believe this can't be arranged. I work with kids with special needs and their families daily with an amazing program. Why is there not a program for families like this-especially with all of the crazy diseases effecting families
573Cheryl Sneath
If Maria has room in her home for my 2 girls & I, I would be willing to move in as a caregiver for her children
575Celine Chorney
Obviously NO ONE in the government has children, or else they would understand how ABSURD it is to ask a mother to give up her lifeline, her children. Shame on our government, shame shame shame
576Mirela Whittaker
I am really disgusted that a trust account that was attempted to be set up for Marie would be counted as income and our government support would be reduced. This is NOT FAIR that the government cannot find her a solution to keep her children and help her!
577Glenda Wikkerink
The government has to much say over peoples lives. These are children and have every right to be with their mother. Look after the mother and children rather than tear this family apart. This system needs complete overhaul. Shame on all of you!!
578Andrea Rowley
There has got to be a way to fund a nanny service privately so any donations are not counted as income. How can it be "income" if it's not given to Maria directly? This is truly disturbing!
579Dan Whitehouse
580Carrie Whitehouse
They are possibly announcing an election this morning let's make this a campaign issue!!
581Bill Durrell
My sisters and I grew up in this situation, a single mom with MS. The Sask Government funded in home care and we were thankfully able to stay together as a family. This should be done for "Marie" as long as possible!! The gov't needs to show it cares!
582Susan Christianson
To the people with the power to take her happiness away, or let her keep them...please do the right and MORAL thing.
583Raeann Johansen
584Melissa hunt
585Shannon Taylor
586Sandy Holliday
587Crystal Welsh
Lets Keep this famiily will make Maria stronger to have her children with her!!
588cheryl scott
she is not a BAD mom, she is sick. kids need 2 be with their mom.
589Crystal Thomson
Please help this family...these kids need their mom!!
591Cindy Urban
The goverment needs to help, and to make changes to help!
592Misty Delarge
Pray for this family to stay together.
594Dana Wyman
595Helene Davis
I believe that Alberta is Heartless to do something like that. All those Government people that took 1000$/month to sit on "imaginary" committee since years could give back that money and pay for a Nanny.
597Kim Campbell
598Loralie Baker
599Ashley Leonard
600Kevin Davis
People and government of Alberta are always ready to send money to Haiti or everywhere in the world, but when it's time to help our own they let them down. Something is seriously wrong Here!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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