1251Javier Martínez
1252Pam Winski
Keep the family together. If you can keep children out of the care of Children's Services then you not only keep a safe family unit together, you save on resources - but do give the mother the supports she needs!
1253Najib Man
Our government can spent hundreds of millions of dollar to re-unite refugee families from other countries; every year we spend more than billions in foreign aid. More than 15 billion being spent to build warships, but we government can’t afford to keep a family (two little children and a sick mother) together. I am in absolute shock and very much ashamed of the policy that suggest adoption or in foster care. IMMIDIAT ACTION IS NEED TO SAVE THIS FAMILY. NOW!!!
1254Deborah Morin
This is so disturbing to me..this woman did nothing wrong so the goverment shouldn't be able to take her kids.i lost my kids to the gov and they were given back but were not the same kids.they were sexually,mentally,emotionally abused in foster care.
1255Rose À. Briand
C'est une honte pour notre société. Il faut apporter une aide à la maison pour les enfants et non sortir les enfants qui risquent de perdre leur maman déjà beaucoup trop tôt!
1256Lindaey Baceda
The best thing for this family is to be kept together, especially her health having her kids taken away would be the worst thing ever I know I would not even want to go on if I didn't have my kids in my life
1257Francois Lachance
C'est tellement gros que c'est dur à croir...aidons cette famille SVP.
1258Chantal Lachance
Mauvaise idée de séparer cette famille. Pas fort la décision du/de la bureaucrate.
1259Roxanne Boisvert
1260Eric Desfonds
I really find it hard to comment... wow...
1261bernadette gruzin
please keep the family together she has done nothing wrong it not her fault she has ms
1262Jennifer aylward
This is disgusting. As a mother I couldn't imagine my kids being taken from me for something I could not help and did not ask to happen. Appalled.
1263kelsey white
1264Reta Berte
Shame on our Alberta Government and Programs - where is the value for family and empathy for those that are dealing with illness!
1265Siobhan MacQueen
1266Lindy Miyashiro
1267francesca marie
1268Tina Boudreau
I think the government should be ashamed of this...don't take her poor children away...her children are her life, instead help this lady live to the fullest and let her have her children back!
1270Carole Fitzgerald
This is shameful descrimination
1271Linda Brackley
Children need their mother, keep their family together.
1272Alice M Britnell
All this family needs is assistance in home to keep her family whole. The Alberta Government should pay for this service. No need to break up a loving family.
1273Christine Brook
1274Eva Grantmyre
Travesty! How many years from now will you have to have a study and apologize about this wrong to this family AFTER IT CAN DO NO GOOD? DO THE RIGHT THING NOW. KEEP THEM TOGETHER.
1275Jean-Philippe Vaugeois
1276Rosemarie Baragaña
1277Sylvio Paradis
1278Dawn Mader
This is crazy! This woman deserves support and not additional pain. This family needs to stay together! The $$ is much better spent helping this family than destroying it
1280Jon Bannerman
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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