801Karen Hansen
Please help this woman be with her children!
802This signature has been deleted.
803Paul Scott
804LaRee Pickup
This is deplorable! This sort of thing must change! It sickens me to think that we have to sign such a petition. To remove children from a loving family home because of a disability? I can't understand your thinking...nor do I want to.
805Rayanna Tremblay
I grew up with a mom who is disabled due to MS, it appalls me to think these kids are being taken from their mom, when all that is needed is some funding. Many kids are kept in unsupported homes to keep them with their family units. Let her keep her kids!
806Andrea M. Charette
I hereby cite Section 8 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child -1. States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognized by law without unlawful interference
What in the world?? This is crazy! I, too, have MS (doing okay right now), so this hits close to home. I am appalled this! God bless this woman and her children. Praying for them!
809Jake Nagy
it's absolutely sickening that this can be allowed to happen.
810Cora Shaw
I get that Children Services needs to think about what is best...but this is bad on all counts.
812Candice Mandin
Having worked with children who have special needs, do adults not retain the same right? Let the government and CPS help the children who REALLY need it, not children with loving parents afflicted with health issues!
813marian peckford
This is so wrong
if the kids are gone depression is next,give this poor woman a break,get her some help and let her be.good luck
815Cristina Robinson
I do believe the government should step in to help this family stay together. What might work is helping them get a live in support staff.
816Josie Kosheluk
I too have MS, If anyone tried taking my babies I would fight tooth and nail for them. Their my reason for going on, their everything to me. This law has to be changed. This is outrageous! Save this family.
This story makes me so sad, and is completely wrong. Our government needs to step in and help this family stay together, isn't that what we all stand for?
818Corinne Watts
819Treena Hounslow
Let this family stay together
820trudy reimer
821Carol Van De Weghe
Who decides these things? There are all kinds of parents out there with all kinds of disabilities since the beginning of time and they manage to raise their children with whatever means possible.
822Shelly Nunweiler
Please help this family!
823Audrey Peters
This situation is just too sad. If the general public steps up to help her financially (which I am pretty sure they would)then AISH deducts that amount from her monthly cheques. If the government won't help then at least let others.
824Audrey Peters
This situation is just too sad. If the general public steps up to help her financially (which I am pretty sure they would)then AISH deducts that amount from her monthly cheques. If the government won't help then at least let others.
825Neil Lubin
Please don't do this.
826Leslie Yeager
Taking children away is a travesty!! My mum had MS. Why would you punish everyone involved because of a disease? This IS NOT right!!!!
827Joanne Peters
This is very sad story...Someone in the government should step up and get her some help. It's a disgrace that they want her to give away her children. It is totally unexceptable to me as a parent that anyone would find this OK.
828B. M. Brewer
I've contacted the local MS Society in KC (which partners w/Canada) to make them aware of this situation and determine what they can do to make this right.
829Cheryl Wilms
It makes no sense to traumatize this family any further. The Alberta government will return children back to an abusive home (and the parents get funding on welfare as well as access to government programs), why no support for a disabled good parent?
830Jean Dawe
This is just appauling!!! Shame on you Alberta government!!!
831suzanne wowk
this woman is in special circumstances and needs funding immediately at least for the next 7 years, until her kids are old enough to care for themselves. Anything short is to turn a blind eye to someone who is in desperate need. They must be kept together!
I hope Maria and her family get the help they need x
833Mathew Huska
We pay homecare to cover things like this!
834Kathy Schmidt
What a very sad province we live in! The government thinks nothing of sending foriegn aide to other countries while people in their own country need help. What is wrong with this picture.
836Lisa GIllespie
It's appalling to me that the government would pay to have these children raised by strangers, but won't pay to help them stay with their mother.
837Claire Bungay
I can't imagine not having my kids! My heart goes out to you!
838Lisa smith
839Crystal Yarmuch
This is a very sad story. Please help her. MS is not a reason to break up a family. Nothing can replace a mothers love.
840Heidi lang
Do everything to keep children with there mom...that is the right thing to do....
841Joan Holben
Adoption is a ridiculous solution to this womans problem. Her family deserves so much more and the province of Alberta needs to find compassionate alternatives - she can't be the only person with an illness in this situation.
842Crystal VanDerWielen
So heartbreaking that this mom is begging for help and can't get it. Step up Alberta!
843Heather Landsiedel
The government needs to step up and help.
844Jennifer Potts
This is heartbreaking!! As someone who lives with MS I would die if I was separated from my children. This is totally not fair!! Give her the financial help she needs instead of giving money to strangers to care for her children!!
845madeline lake
846Meagan Turnbull
My Grandma raised me with MS, This is so wrong.
847Krista Kautz
How can asking this woman to give away her children even be advised by our Government? Disgusting !!!!
848Julia Daniluck
MS is a progressive and unpredictable disease that affects people differently. This particular case demonstrates that MS requires flexible and responsive supports and services with input from multiple government departments. This case must be reassessed b.
GOD help her because the GovÕt wonÕt! The way that GovÕt (all parties) spends money that the Public DOES NOT know about is astronomical - it sickens me hearing this knowing how some of the wasted & totally unnecessary taxpapersÕ dollars are spent.
850Audrey MacDougall
What kind of society have we become when we cannot keep a family together when a parent has a health issue yet we will allow foster parents to be paid $1500/child. Then make her their foster Mom so she can afford to keep the children in a loving home!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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