152Karli Waynert
153Ranita McIntosh
Why can't a mother that is trying do right by her kids get help and the ones that abuse and could care less a bout them get to keep them? The gov't needs to give there head a shake!!!
154Barbi Price
Where is she located??? Everyone should wriet letters to thier local M.L.A and Bitch & Complain till they get sick ogf hearing fdrom everyone in regards to this!!!. What A Pathetic World We Love In! So Sad that she would even have to ask! Grrr.
155Ashley Davis
156ehja anselmo
157Iris Davies
My Wife did a great job raising our daughter in the early years all by herself when she came down with MS
159Christina gauthier
Citizens signing a petition so a mom can keep her kids?? Come on alberta. This is embarrassing as a canadian. Which im not proud of these days. Why do we have to tell you that this was a no brainer. We spoke!! And we will win.
160Warren Wall
The Goverment needs todo something to help, or I say they will possibabley loose three votes from this house hold!!
161Helen Walker
So the right thing government! Keep this loving family together.
162Debby Brewer
I suppose it is asking too much to expect Social Services to use common sense and do everything that they can,to keep this family together?!?! Sheesh..what a pathetic agency. Give Maria the funding for a nanny so she can keep her family together!!!

163Serena Berno
There is nothing that can replace a mother's love for her children. Give her the support she needs!
Dont make matters worse! Keep the family together
165Peg Johnston
Warm gentle thoughts to keep this family together. Do the right thing ~
166Janet Dorrell
Maria and her daughters should not be torn apart, give them the help they deserve.
167Sarah Farmer
A person with a drug addiction has help of the government providing them with the use of things such as a methadone clinic, but a mother who had no choice but to live everyday with her diseas, gets told she might loose her children.... whats that???
168Susan Motter
This is absolutely disgusting!! Cases should be looked at as "individual" situations, and appropriate help be given to keep a mother with her children...PERIOD!!!
169Mavis Ens
Isn't it enough of a burden to have to live with this damn disease without losing your kids? How insulting for Social services to say they will find the children a permanent home - they already HAVE ONE!!!! Get some common sense and help this woman cope.
171Amanda Renneberg
I have a disabilty similar to MS and am APPALLED by our goverment's ability to help. Give Maria the help she needs and keep her family together!
172Donna Lee Caudron
Don't break her and those little girls hearts and family by seperating them!!!! They deserve the world and more!!!! Do the right thing, keep them as a family!
173Bev Maure
keep this family together
174Janet Neufeld
Lets hope they do the right thing. That they help her get a nanny and not take away her kids
175Terry Neufeld
176Janice Procyshen
This should not even be happening, there is money for able bodied people who should be working but are too lazy so are on welfare but there are no funds for a live in nanny,come on let's be real here!!
177Mary Klassen
God gave her her children who are we to take them. We should help and support her. I know i live for my children and am sure she does also.
178Jenna Mach
Shame, shame shame!!!
Canada our home and our land that does not support us in difficult moments. Punishing mom suffering from MS by taking her children away. That is very classy!!! No body had stop to think aobut her for a moment. Canada show some heart!
179Lisa Thomas
Kids are "people" too!! Don't let this come back and bite you in the most...means EVERYTHING...cause that's ALL they have!! Keep this mother and her children together!!
180Chris Czech
It shames us all to even have to raise this issue. Our gov't agencies need to flex and provide the right solution. If our tax dollar fueled social services are unable to do this we MUST - directly. To do otherwise is a sin, a crime.
181Donna DuBois
This shouldn't be happening, it makes me very sad that anyone would consider helping by taking away this mother's children.
182Brandi Sadler
183Bev Bentley
Follow the money and you will see that it is more cost effective to give this Mom home support, NOT take her babies from her and her from them. Shame to those who have the power to do "right" and choose to do "wrong" out of sheer laziness or ????
184Kevin Shoemaker
I'm more than happy to add my voice in support. Speak truth to power. It's well past the time when taking children from parents should be considered the crime it is.
185Valery Hall
Is this not discrimination..I was a ward of the court what ever you want to called it and to this day I'm still fighting demonds..Leave her children with their mother..shame on you Alberta
186Jayne James
This is so cruel it's beyond belief.
187Corinne Hooper
Sad,sad situation!! the girls belong with their mom! NOBODY can give them the love they need like their own mom!!!!!!!!!
188Lisa Coad
As if this woman isn't already suffering enough already! Some bureaucrat has decided to emotionally abuse this woman by taking away her main reason for living,breathing, loving and laughing! Let this woman keep her children! Get her a live in nanny!
189Judy Butcher
Don't you dare take her children away from her. You guys need a personal, devastating case of MS to comprehend what the experience is like. Then, you wouldn't even think of doing anything so foolish.
190Deb MacDonald
Something needs to be done here ,This family needs the support from government services to keep this family together not tear them apart!!
192Heather Sowalla
Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her havingmultiple sclerosisWe are demanding the Alberta Government help Maria and her children stay together instead of ripping this family remove these kids from a mom who has a disabling disease like Multiple Scerosis is allow child services to place these children within the system is deplorable especially when we know this is a money racket for some foster parents meaning they make over $1500.00 per child to look after them. This money would be best given to Maria so as she could have a live In to care for her and her children..what has this country come to when some in compassionate human being thinks the answer for the disabled is to steal there children...and give them away to others? This is not puppies they are human beings with a mom...please give the funding to this woman for a live in nanny...what would it cost if you placed her in a care home? People with disabilities deserve to live with dignity and we deserve to keep our children with dare anyone think differently..this is discrimination once again against a disabled Canadian...this needs to stop!
193Kathy Penner
Help her keep her girls. It's just not right to punish a mother who is sick.
194Jackie Mathews
this is crazy, you would not take kids away from a person with diabetes would you??
195Anna Delorme
You don't rip apart a family for this reason. Provide support and keep them together! This is so inhumane and mean. The solution is so simple.
196JoAnn Paris
197Janette Comeau
Just plain wrong.
198Edser Donegan
199Edser Donegan
200Deborah Turcotte
The humane and cost effective answer is for the government to provide live in help for this family.
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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