1001Ron Miller
I can't demand that the Alberta Government do anything, but I can strongly suggest that this woman and her children remain together. As a person with a disablity, I've not been able to have children. But.. if I did, nobody would be taking them away.
1002Traci Reid
1003andrew kolasa
1004Pete Pembroke
Sounds pretty draconion of the government. Definately not right
1005Debbie Carson
This type of discrimination needs to end once and for all.
1006Taylor McFarlane
1007Rick Smith
Shame on the government. This is one of the sadest things I have ever seen. Let this woman's final days and years be with her children.
1008Susan Bird
This illness is no fault of the mother. She should not lose her children, nor should they lose their mother.
1009Steph Hachey
Her kids need to stay at home with there mommy. You and your family are in our prayers.
1010Jeffry Hachey
1011Spring McIntosh
1012Laura Williams
1013Melanie Thorburn
lets keep this petition moving along!!! sign sign sign it everyone!
1014Joan Martineau
As a mother I am appalled,imagine what this poor woman is going through, those poor little children...SHAME on the Alberta government...
1015Kristine Russell
1016Erin Schwartz
My husband has MS and it is disgusting to me that someone's children could be taken away because of this disease. What is this world coming to?
1017Bobbi McCall
1018Karen White
how can this possibly be better for these children?...........the government needs to sort out it's priorities. Put the $ into letting this family stay together and it will benefit everyone......
1019John Rauch
I know the feeling as I had to deal with Social Services after the inlaws reported me when my wife was killed. I least expected it from this bunch.
1020Ciara Noonan
1021sylvia mcconnell
I am so disgusted with the government right now! Shame on all of you that make hundreds of thousands a year and thinking you have the right to judge others! How appalling!
1023Jason Page
This is a very sad story but with this petition hopefully it will have a happy ending...
1024Sumedha Kulkarni
1025Pig Johnston
What incredibly cruel and usual punishment ~
1026Lance Anderson
1027melissa mckenzie
My heart goes out to Marie and her daughters. The Alberta government should be so ashamed right now!!! Almost anyone can get welfare but god forbid you get sick and need help...god bless you and your girls
1029Melissa Nowochin
Nobody needs to be punished for a disease they can not control!!!
1030Kacie Dyck
Thats the government for you....leave children with abusive, alcoholic, drug using parents living on welfare but take children away from a loving mother because of a illness she did not bring on herself. These children are in no danger and deserve to stay
NOT voting for Mr. Harper next time!
1032Candy Yucker
1033Karen Clark
This is such a sad story..shame on our government!
1034Maurice Poulin
Unbelievable, yet another example of what a Conservatism really means. Families are best served when the effort and priority is to keep them together. People with chronic illnesses need compassion and assistance not having their hearts ripped out!
1035Jenn Taylor
Child Services Needs to start doing their job and finding kids who NEED help, not ripping children away from good parents. Makes me sick!
1037Paula Rickard
1038Heather Hernandez
1039JeriLynn Enticknap
This is outrageous. You can't take the children away from the only loving home they know and it is not your rights to take the children away from their mother who have MS. Leave them alone and let them be a family!!!
1041Wendy Burgess
It makes me sick that she would have to be seperated from her kids they need to stay toegether as a family. I can't even imagine someone telling me to give my kids away.
Ms does not stop one from caring for there children....
1043Dave whitton
This is just ridiculous....
1044Pierina Valvo
I am sure that is some money for this mom and her children to pay a nanny. So many millions get thrown out of the window for things that are not as important as LOVE.
1045Michelle Kunz
This is not right. If this is the world we are going to live in, we are headed in the wrong direction! It is the governments responsibility to fix this and ensure that it does not happen again!
1046Coleen Gudbranson
1047Tanya Silva
1048Jana Jensen
I didn't know we were now communist we've given the government to much power to control our everyday life my heart goes out to the family
Don't punish her and her kids cause she has MS, help them! The Government is supposed to work for the people not condemn them!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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