451Tracy Meier
Keep the family together for the health of them all! How dare you split a family apart when there should be help to keep them together.
452Rayna Pura
453Wesley Hegg
454Cherie Weber
455Patricia Brockmeyer
Shame on the Government once again. Help this mom keep her babies.
456Sarah giesbrecht
457Susan Harrison
This is disgusting this cannot be allowed to continue give her back her children and give her and her family the help they need!!!
458Moira Glennie
To separate children from their Mother when she is ILL is a crime . These children need their Mother.
459Trisha Hearn
460Michelle Romanyshyn
461Adriana Wiebe
This is absolutely horrible. How is it the only option our educated government can come up with is to remove these two children??? Sickening! Come on Canada we can do much better!
462Cindy Marshall
463Christine Reid
464Arianne Wiebe
465marlene dempster
that this is happening in alberta is so very very sad
466Crystal Copeland
I find it hard to believe that our government would place these children up for adoption rather than help this woman who is suffering enough as it is. This is digusting!!!!
467Lori Cote
We need to find a way to keep families together!! It is best for all involved. One would think clear heads will prevail and this family will be kept together!
468tina aldred
please find somewhere in your heart to help this poor woman and her children!! she needs our help more than a prisoner in jail!!
469David Head
I am a 30yr old father of two, I have been living with MS since 2009. I am completely appalled that this is situation could even happen to someone no matter the disease they may live with.
The Canadian Government should have something in place to aid people who may find themselves in this situation. Especially recognizing this is a unique situation to be in.
470Christine Ward
TISK TISK ALBERTA!! Way to make all us parents afraid...please remember that this could happen to any of us Albertans and HAS happened to many. This situation makes me want to puke and something must be done. She is sick, not a bad mother!
471Lindsay Reid
This is beyond horrible! Who do they think they are?! Think of all the people who shouldn't have children but do and then you have this mother who just because she has an illness they are going to take her children! Shame on you Alberta Government!
472Maria Vekony
this makes me very ashamed to be from Alberta...... It's sick!
473Laurie Thiels
You know the priorities of the province are a mess when...
474Darla Cruickshank
This is Canada! Are we now denying people the right to be parents because they are ill?!What is happening to my country?? I'm shocked!!
475Angie Purcell
This is very disgusting! No parent should have to leave their child or children because of an illnes. If there is anything I can do please let me know!
476Bethany Podesta
477Mary Louise McCormick
This is horrible, I can't imagine how this mom feels!
478Jenna Tanghe
So sad!
479Melissa Peters
As a single mother whom also has M.S this devastates me. Where is the compassion and empathy? Help her, don't' hurt her!She is capable to love and nurture her children.. I believe removing her children is going to make her sicker.
480jan free
i am also a single mom and am very disgusted at the fact that this could happen . Canada is a land for freedom where is this womans freedom if she doesnt have the right to have her kids to be with her when she needs there love the most.
481Katharina Smith
I cannot imagine having my daughter taken away from me if I was ill. It would take away my reason for wanting to live.
482Theresa Head
483Michelle Potvin
Please if there is any compassion left in this world let Maria and her children stay together. Why are you punishing Maria for being stricken with MS. She has enough to deal with. PLEASE hear our PLEAS.
484Normand Potvin
485Lynda Munro
Things have got to change!!!
486Bev Heathcote
Is there no compassion left in this province?
487Kendull Murray
488Erin Howes
489Leiann Aloisio
It's cruel to not fund a live-in caregiver for situations like this. Change the legislation so that parents with MS aren't forcibly made to put their kids up for adoption!
490Melodie Brauner
491Trina Broen
This made me so upset.. What is this world coming to? The government doesn`t even have common sense anymore.. absolutely disgusting. We need a change.
492Stacie Rymer
Just because she has MS does not mean she doesn't do everything she can for her kids. The government should not be allowed to break families.
493Evelyn S.
Typical Conservative Alberta govt. Pay non sitting commitee members thousands monthly, but do not assist a family that needs support. Bring on the election.
494belinda outzen
I once had a client with als, social services paid us for babysitting while we had our shift.`
495Karen Reed
Taking these children away from their mother because of an illness is simply unfathomable! Why is it that abused children still live with their abuser….but a mother who would do ANYTHING for her children is about to lose them because she is ill? Hire a nanny/caregiver, do not separate this family!
496Tricia Daly
Child Services works with drug addicts to help keep families together and the addicts choose the drugs, no chooses MS so I would think keeping the family together would be great...
497Chelsea MacVittie
Keep children with their loving parents not in foster homes that would be better utilized to help children in real danger!
498Debbie Dykstra
Now I know our government has no compassion a single mother who wants to be with her children till the end! I know how it can change, vote them out, we can make a change!!!! this one only cares about themselves! Disgusting and sick!!!!!
499Christine Scott
I'm ashamed to be Canadian. The government is a disgrace and to suggest adoption as the only option for Maria is unthinkable. I wonder what their reaction would be if they were in that same position. Get off your fat backsides and fix this NOW.
500Christine Scott
I'm ashamed to be Canadian. The government is a disgrace and to suggest adoption as the only option for Maria is unthinkable. I wonder what their reaction would be if they were in that same position. Get off your fat backsides and fix this NOW.
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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