1Torin Stefanson
The Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit has provided a significant positive economic impact in Saskatchewan and an excellent return on investment. Please reconsider this decision. It will hurt hundreds of working families in the province.
2Shayne Metcalfe
Bring back the SFETC
3Deborah Aitken
absolutely do not agree with your governments constant betrayal of cultural initiatives in our province.
4Rachel Engler-Stringer
5Teresa Mead
This was a short-sighted decision that will translate into the forcible exodus of 1200 households to other provinces.
6Dan Walker
7Joshua Bertram
The argument against subsidising the film industry is the same argument the Wall Gov't uses for subsidising the oil & gas industry. Talking out both sides of your mouth is bad form for a government.
8Naomi Beingessner
The Film Employment Tax Credit is an *investment* that pays far more dividends than it receives money.
9Rob Tanner
From even a strictly economic stand-point, the rationale given for the unannounced surprise cut, does not bear out even the most cursory analysis. You should fire your accountant.
10Brij Verma
Our province is growing, and this decision is going against the flow of the future. Film is one of the dominant way people express themselves, and audiences connect with others. This will be a great loss.
11Leslea Mair
Investing in film and television brings solid economic and cultural dividends to Saskatchewan. Please reinstate the SFETC.
12Diana Ford
I've always been proud of the fact that I could animate and raising my family in a province that I always thought was great. This decision has destroyed my faith in my provincial govt. Please make things right
13Brenda Stefanson
The Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit has provided a significant positive economic impact in Saskatchewan and an excellent return on investment. Please reconsider this decision. It will hurt hundreds of working families in the province.
Film tax credit makes economic sense
15Hildy Bowen
16Paul Compton
Film employment tax credit attracts foreign capital to SK, and builds wealth for SK citizens.
17Patricia Martin
Please reinstate the SFETC. The Film Industry needs support just like the other industries. The Saskatchewan Advantage should be for all of us in Sask.
18Andrea Cunningham
19Sarah York-Bertram
20Carolyn Loiselle
21Jordan Bell
This investment in Saskatchewan creates jobs and makes economic sense.
22Dallas Bohun
23Patty Hails
Let's help keep the arts at home! Otherwise SK loses revenue and becomes the least interesting province, period. Without artistic expression, there is nothing left to offer.
24Kerri La Londe
25Marilyn Brownlee
26Celine Davis
27Scott Storm
Film, commercials, tv productions also support many small businesses in Sask.
28Andre Magnan
This decision is ill-conceived, to say the least. Let's keep a vibrant film industry working in Saskatchewan.
29Louise Perrin
30Darla Biccum
31Jon Tewksbury
32Kevin Stumborg
How can the Gov't not see the track record of 6X the return on their investment in this program in the past and turn their back on good decisions? This is dis-heartening news and a sign of the times, our country is being destroyed by greedy politicians and
33Rachel Langer
This doesn't just affect countless filmmakers and their families and livelihood in Saskatchewan, it effects Canada's film industry as a whole, and the nations presence globally in the arts. The province will lose money and residents over this poor choice.
34Adrienne Collins Bretell
I want to live in a diverse Saskatchewan. Cutting funding to an industry that creates revenue and jobs for the province is ridiculous.
35Annelise Larson
I have just returned to the province after almost 20 years away and was appalled by the decisions in the budget on Wednesday. The gov't might as well have just held a gun to the head of this industry - which touches film, TV and the tech sectors.
36Shauna Soloway
37Marieke Gruwel
38Tara Campbell
39Melanie Cey
Without art, we lack imagination, without imagination we lack creative progress.
40Monique Blom
41Brian Stockton
42Lioz Bouganin
43Rosalie Juravle-Clark
44Clinton Kleisinger
For years the Sask film industry was one of Canada's most admirable and successful. A Fin. Dept. official of Wall's explained to me that having it makes as much sense as supporting banana growers in SK. An ex. of Brad's bad econ. policy.
45Jordan Mulligan
46Jessie Edwards
47Mike Rollo
48Nicholas Betancourt
49Ell McEachern
50Stacey Murk
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Petition Details
Petition: Save the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit
Created By: Teresa Mead
Created On: March 23rd, 2012
Target: The Honourable Brad Wall Premier of Saskatchewan
Category: Media, Arts, Culture

Total signatures: 8514
Signature goal: 5,000

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