2701Brenda Cleniuk
The elimination of the credit program leaves some of our brightest people without resources to develop their skills.
2702Norma Wilson
This subsity has a positive net financial effect but more importantly it helps us show case our province and our talent to the world. This makes us look like shortsighted hicks. What was really behind this?
2703Jake Macher
2704Norm Francoeur
Politicians, citizens (voters) and upper level bureaucrats need to start looking at larger pictures when formulating budget cuts.
2705Thomas Dobrescu
So let me get this straight: a film co. rolls into town,makes a movie. Their employees pay their Sask. taxes. Gov't keeps,approx. half, producers get half back. How is the govt losing?
2706Orenda Yuzicapi
2707Bryce Schlamp
2708Levi Osler
2709This signature has been deleted.
2710Katelyn Spearey
2711Robyn Cuthbert-Adair
Perhaps, Hon. Mr. Wall, you would prefer the film industry to be called PotashCorp Films or Cameco Presents, but why should corporations get to decide what art is worthy of being showcased and what is not? Reinstate the SFETC.
2712Kristian Beatty
As a film student currently enrolled in my second year at the University of Regina, it is a scary thought to consider there may be no chance at jobs unless I move away. This tax credit is essential in keeping a growing industry alive.
2713Debb Parent
2714Kevin Mak
2715Michelle Austin
2716Heather Malek
2717T. Loffler
For a 'Have" province to wipe out an entire industry is absurd. The Sask Arts Board may be next.
2718Laura Harms
It's a sad day for Saskatchewan. Shame.
2719Phyllis Cameron
Every dollar of tax incentive for the film industry returned six dollars in economic activity. Culture is very important to the well being of all. Don't be so short-sighted!
2720Chris Jenson
It's my money too, Bradley.
2721Cory Herperger
2722Blake Mulatz
This industry makes money, plain and simple.
2723Larry Bauman
The SFETC should never be regarded as a subsidy. The tax credit program is a carefully managed investment by the people of Saskatchewan in an industry that has raised the profile of Saskatchewan throughout Canada and around the world and has served as an economic engine for significant employment in a wide variety of sectors. If any action is initiated to change the tax credit it should take the form of enhancing the program to increase production volumes and make Saskatchewan even more competitive in an economic and cultural arena that is correctly perceived as incredibly valuable by every other provincial jurisdiction in Canada.
2724Carolynne Gould
The able to admit ones mistake is not a flaw; but just a sign of true leadership. Please reinstate the SFETC.
2725Bill Redekop
2726Shayna Stock
I moved to Saskatchewan four and a half years ago and stayed because of all the opportunity I see in this city to make a living through creative endeavours. If this cut goes through, it'll be a huge blow to all of Sask's artistic communities and economies.
2727Carol Wells
2728Hilary Fox
If you have a policy that gives you a 600% return on the investment, it's generally a good idea to keep that policy.
2729Don Wells
2730Sherry Hergott
2731Brandy Westbury
2732Chris Fram
2733Rae Staseson
Keep Saskatchewan competitive! This is such a shortsighted decision - shocking and narrow and ill informed. AND BAD BUSINESS!!!!
2734Nola Erhardt
2735Jon Sawatsky
Cutting the tax credit is a bad idea that will cost you voters and the province vital jobs.
2736Holger Kreek
2737Ella Wiernicka
SFETC just makes economic sense.
2738Kassy Harty
2739Cameron Wright
Bring it back
2740Shelby Glaze
2741Robin Adair
2742Kim Groff
2743Allan Roeher
I just spent the last two days working with Layton Burton and other industry professionals and had the time of my life. I'd love to stay in Saskatchewan and keep making film and do what I can to help the industry grow.
2744Jenalene Antony
2745Peter Hartogs
You are moving in the wrong direction
2746Randy Rafuse
Don't take it away. Saskatchewan is growing, so will the film industry.
2747Craig Shutko
The tax credit most definitely results in a net benefit for Saskatchewan and residents in Saskatchewan. To remove it makes no sense and the Sask Party knows it. They are just being *******s because it's a policy put in place by the NDP.
2748Cassie Fisher
2749Holly Day
This would kill the cultural community in Sask. Don't do it.
2750Renee martin
Thought Saskatchewan was to be moving forwards? Thought that Brad Wall wanted to keep and to add jobs in Saskatchewan? This action is totally backwards! Give your head a shake Mr. Brad Wall. Saskatchewan needs the SFETC and to keep jobs here at home!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Save the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit
Created By: Teresa Mead
Created On: March 23rd, 2012
Target: The Honourable Brad Wall Premier of Saskatchewan
Category: Media, Arts, Culture

Total signatures: 8514
Signature goal: 5,000

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