Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
901lars hansen
This MUST BE continued !
I loved and want more!!!!
An awesome show that deserves a full seasons chance...PLEASE BRING BACK ONE OF THE BEST ADULT CARTOONS EVER!!!
I want more Korgoth, now! And I want to write the music for it- now!
906Tristan Sanders
Korgoth and Metalocalypse: Two Great Tastes That (Would) Taste Great Together!!!
907Max Cannell
Probably the funniest cartoon i've ever seen! wavhed the pilot 100 times and it's still funny.
More murder! More brutality!
909Daniel Charloe
Korgoth is great it was everything I wanted instead I got Metalocalypse... Which makes me cry with sadness...
I've watched the pilot countless times and I don't even watch Adult Swim. WE WANT KORGOTH.
I'm from poland and watch KORGOTH pilt so many times because he's GREAT! BRING BACK THIS ADULT CARTOON !!
Do not say one thing and do another.
bring back korgoth you stupid shits!
Would like more, please
916otto larson
hairy balls of the gods!!!! bring back the mightiest of barbarians!! all hail Korgoth!!
917James Bratten
I will come work on this show personally if it will get it back on the air any sooner!
if this came back it would be one of Adult Swim's best shows. do it!

Back Korgoth please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Korgoth!!!!!
920Loren Gillespie
Please bring this show back on, I've watched the pilot about a hundred times by now... MORE!!!
921Neel S.
Way better than metalocalypse.
922cobus H
nid more plzz!!!
923Jernej Kobal
Please, mooaarrr!!!
924Jernej Kobal
Please, mooaarrr!!!
I refuse to watch adult swim until Korgoth is back on!!!!!
give us korgoth!
Korgoth is great. More Korgoth
It's like the movie "Heavy Metal" and a stomach full of paint chips rolled into one...Classic.
Adult Swim this has to be one of the dumbest decisions youve made in a long while. Bring it back!!!
931Jose Almeida
best show ever
932Jason Cook
This would be a perfect pairing with Metalocalypse, think of all the MONEY it would produce, Adult Swim, Sci-Fi Channel, Comedy Central, G4, or Spike. MTV used to show cartoons like this, with Aeon Flux, Ren & Stimpy, etc.
933Jake White
I loved the pilot. would LOVE to see more!
934John Smith
Very entertaining pilot!
935Chad Berry
Loved the pilot please make more :DD
936Krimson Setzer
Why WAS IT TAKEN FROM us?>?>> was it not funny enough for some people.... if its not brought back that is a shame and a waste of good talent... Likeness to Metalocalypse.... BRING BACK KORGOTH!
937Will Getz
Quite Frankly any man worth his dick should kiss the Tv they saw the pilot episode on. Bring it BACK!!!
938Zack Wood
Must have more, it's like oxygen.
939Jason Long
I had been waiting for a long time, hoping that some news of Korgoth coming, but alas, it has all been for naught. Please bring it back!
940Dan Kujanek
all of this waiting has caused me to feel a rainbow of pain, i need more korgoth!
941Justin Hamilton
This great new idea for a show can't just go to waste!
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943Brian Long
Bring it back!
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945Matthew Cullers
I liked it good.I would like to sever the testicles of the man who canceled the show and give them to a small child. to quote Santa",I will rain down fire on you from the sky."
Want Korgoth. Have big axe.
Why wouldn't it continue? Korgoth of Barbaria is so perfect.
948Merrell Stansberry
My father, brother and myself have been waiting for korgoth since the first time it aired several years ago, why have we not heard any information regarding the first season?
949keith carpenter
950Momchil Sergiev
It must be revived!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7340

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