Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
3951Rigoberto Escobar
Make it a mini-series or release it to a studio to make a direct to dvd movie please.
3952David Jackson
Brilliant show.....!!
I'm really surprised we haven't seen more episodes. I would fully support a full season.
3954patrick mclaughlin
Funnist show ive seen in a long time
this needs 2 b picked up as a will really enhance the adult swim lineup on Saturday nights b4 the actions shows
This has to be one of my favorite animations of all time. It's unbelievable that they're not making this into a series. I mean come on! Its awesome!
This show rocked, bring it back, enough said.
This show could easily fit into Saturday schedule, fuck Bleach.
yapue yapue!!!!
3961Robert Fetty
I beg you.
The show was awesome. It had everything you could want in it! Please say something about its future!
3963Robert V Kaminski
Great pilot for a cartoon it would been great for late night a few years ago and I hope they still will give it a full season and a chance
My hero!
3965anthony powers
iv waited my entire life for a show like korgoth
3966damien Q
WTF, Why am I not watching this on [AS]!?!?!
3967Mike B
Korgoth now, please.
Too good to be cancelled...
3971Peter Gardina
3972Nicholas Frank
Please bring Korgoth back to replace king of the hill.
Fuck Adult Swim... The creators should just wing it and do a Web series or pitch it do different networks.
You should air the season or finish it. For an 80's child that grew up with Thundar & reading Conan comics. This SHOW ROCKS & IS ONE OF THE BEST CARTOONS ON TV TO DATE!!!
3976Shannon Hamilton
bring it back!!
It is Ficking fuck !!!!
3978Richard the Red
This show is the first fantasy of this kind to come out since 1983. For the love of God please put this thing back on the air!
Korgoooooooth, neredesiiiiiiiiiiiin ?
3980Alvin L
This was possibly the funniest show I've ever seen! PLEASE bring Korgoth back!
3981R Peterson
By Crom, bring this show back
3982Delrio C
i love this show
Please bring back Korgoth. Your current line-up for Adult Swim is filled with a level of mediocrity with which I've rarely come into contact. Please, execs. Return quality to Adult Swim. Replace Tim and Eric with Korgoth.
why would they remove one of the best shows on adult swim? Now its full of pointless programing like the squidbillies, tim and eric,and the PJ's
This show is fantastic, how many of us have to speak out before its brought back? It's up there with metalocalypse, older ATHF, and sealab. Damn the lame sob's that advocate T&E's existence in the entertainment industry
Kargoth best ever
This show is awesome and can you pass the gravy.
True and evil!
The pilot was great... I can't understand why they would remove the show...
At the very least some explaination as to why it was cancelled after a season was scheduledand if theres any hope for it at all
3991Osvath Tihamer
i want new korgoth episodes
Metal music and though barbarians fighting... does it get any better!?
i want korgoth
3994benjamin charcellay
yes we would like have korgoth on french TV too
3996John Potts
if you do not bring back Korgoth, then his spirit will be created from the blood of the innocents and he will destroy yoooou!
Korgoth is better than Barack Obama. We want him!
3998don clark
Come on, don't let us down
3999Jeff Farley
Go on, you have my permission. Make more Korgoth.
We want Korgoth!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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