Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
How can Tom goes to the mayor run for 30 episodes but Korgoth is only a pilot?
2303Clea Milner
We've waited 2 years for Korgoth, but you give us Superjail and Codename Gay-ass?!
2304kasyno dragon
Korgoth is to metal and hilarious animated barbarian chaos as dethklok and metalocalypse is to guitar hero and hard metal bring it back and put code geass on earlier....MORE KORGOTH or SPICY CITY!!!!!!
Don't be pussys. Air more Korgoth. Please.
2308James Knighton
2309James Neuberger
Seriously guys, this show was great,it was honestly my favorite stand alone episode of anything you've ever shown. Why not? You've definitely shown stuff that was far worse.
C'mon, what's the matter? Afraid to have more then 2 decent shows on? This is by and far the best new tv show I've watched in years! Everyone I showed this to loved it. Lots of people in the internet community love it also! Make more Korgoth now!!

2312frank todaro
please make a series, it will be worth it? If not for me than for the retardedly challenged kids please? hes like DRUNK CONAN!
Strange how I can brand this the best cartoon I've ever seen from only one episode. It rivals the old classics like Ren and Stimpy for sure!
We need more Korgoth!!!
Drunk Conan! I love that. Its refreshing to see like minded people fight for a show that totally deserves to be on the Sunday night lineup instead of TIM and ERIC
I wish dearly to see more episode of the show 'Korgoth of Barbaria', and much like the rest of these other dedicated fans, (Of once episode), dearly wish it to be returned and continued, please and thank you!
Bring it back WS! What a funny show! Really up to par with the Venture Brothers and much better than some of your programing!
Best show since the Venture Brothers... much better than Tim and Eric and Super Jail! Creative and fun!
Definitely better than Tim and Eric in any form.
Who likes Tim and Eric...?
2321jesse james
bring back the sickest on fucking tv
2322Clyde Zeckler
In a dark and shadowy future where Adult Swim is over run by vomit inducing crap shows such as Tim and Eric and Super Jail, one beacon of hope comes from the harsh north; Korgoth of Barbaria! His merciless savagery will save Adult Swim from retardation.
2323seth glass MD
Over-the-top, dark, funny, smart with Bode/Bakshi influences...good enough for the big screen
2324Finn J Pette
One of the GREATEST cartoons I have ever seen! So hurt! BRING IT BACK!!
watched it 15 times in 3 days.sick ..but i love it. LIKE A RAInBoW!!
Bring it back!
2327Dawson Paschall
it's not like your new shows can even compare.
2328Alisa Didkovsky
Got so hooked on the pilot alone, pretty upset that it wasn't continued. Pretty sick and gnarly humour that we definitely need more of.
Fuck adultswim! Bing back Korgoth!!!
keep hope alive
Can't say enough about the bad choices from Adult Swim (i.e. Eric and Tim). But they can redeem themselves by signing on Korgoth and getting back to the types of shows that made us all watch Adult Swim in the first place.
2332chris shaw
This show is what adult swim should be. not that lame ass time and eric bullshit.
It's like He-Man, except without the subtle gay undertones.
Awesome show!!
Every time that adult swim has aired the pilot I've watched it, and can't get enough, even watching it twice in the same night when it reairs
How is it that this show wasn't picked up but Tim and Eric continue to fail on a weekly basis?
2336Thomas Alford
Come on, fantasy fiction is extremely popular at the current time, and this is the perfect parody one one of the genre's greatest archetypes! Bring back Korgoth!
2337John Doro
great pilot, why stop there?
I can't believe funny shows like Moral orel get cancelled, korgoth doesn't even get picked up but Tim & eric prevail for crying out loud Perfect hair forever is better than tim & eric and I hated that show. Please bring back Korgoth as a s sci fi fantasy c
2339Robert Nigro
Korgoth had it all, a killer setting, great storyline, badass main character, good looking girls, extreme violence and great potential. We need more cartoons like this. Bring it back!!
This shit was amazing. It had everything that we all thought about when we watch a movie or a show and say "I wonder what happens if he does this". Truly the definition of Adult Swim. I need it back.
2341Alex Schinzel
I FUCKING NEED KORGOTH!!! He completes my soul.
2342Greg Nugent
This show had so much potential. I've been hooked ever since I saw the pilot, and have watched it every time Adult Swim re-airs it. Give Korgoth some love!
2343Jack Hollow
This show is great! How come adult swim puts a piece of shit like Super Jail on and passes on this? Give it a chance!
Korgoth was so sweet! Bring it back. A parody of Conan couldn't be any better!
Saw this in a Motel6 in Pittsburgh 2 years ago and kinda forgot about it until I saw it again tonight. The pilot was freakin awesome. This needs to be a show
2347Curtis L.
Please bring Korgoth of Barbaria back for 49 more episodes.
Bring back Korgoth. Greatest show ever.
2349Henry W.
I will buy all merch and watch religiously
2350Wendell D
Please, please, please, more Korgoth! I promise to watch and buy crap from the sponsors.
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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