Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
7051Schaller Emmanuel
We need more episodes please
7052Ian Foster
This was too good of a show to squander. Highly unique and a great parody of the macho Conan I would have watched this any day of the week
Please make more episodes!!!!
7054Conrad Goodwin
7055Joe Baller
Bring this awesome show back please!!!
7056C.L Paine
According to Wikipedia the show was dropped due to "high production costs," but I know it took over one year to produce season 2 of Rick & Morty. If you're worried about the risks needed to produce this show, I guarantee Korgoth will score massive ratings.
I'd watch the shit outta this show!!! Bring it back! It's better than most of the crap cartoons on tv nowadays
7058Jerry Liu
This would be THE best show ever!!
7059Josh Peacock
This sounds like it would be an awesome show. Please, someone make this happen.
7060Jonathan ragazzini
Listen to us or we'll make you feel a whole new spectrum of pain...
7061Brandon Carver
It's incredible.
7062Francesco Neri
It's the nerdy, high fantasy, pumping-80s version of Mr. Pickles: who wouldn't love it?! Seriously, come on...
Simply the best
I loved it :D please do some more !!!
7065Joe Mullen
Don't give up!!!
Didn't know this petition exists. Would have signed long ago, Korgoth is one of the greatest shows ever made.
7067todd gambal
This show would KILL it on adult swim - you need to get with Aaron Springer and get this back in the hopper.
i want korgoth
Please I will literally worship this show!
7070Jakub Zdebor
Hey... Bersekr after 19 years made new season. I beg you, bring Korgoth back too!
Similar animation as rick and morty, if they had the balls to air this 10 years ago it would have been a huge hit as rick and morty are today,,,, there is still time tho.
It would be a total HIT!!! we need more of Korgoth ASAP!!! A+ series
Please do this show, it is amazing in every sense of the world!
7074Trevor Bernard
This show was amazing,please for the love of all things holy...bring it back!!!
bring korgoth back!
7076Bryan Manzali
Easily one of my favorite shows and there's only 1 episode!!! Please bring this back
7077Magnus Halvorsen
Bring the Barbarian back!
7078Nathan Wright
Full season
7079Lars-Petter Voldvik SNoen
This show needs life, it is awsome by the looks of it
7080joe shmoe
its time for you to bring this show on full time its that good!
Bring back korgoth, make adult swim great again
7082Scott O.
Need more korgoth!!!!!
7083Trevor Taylor
It's time for a comeback!
Can you imagine Korgoth and Rick and Morty in the air together? That would be awesome
It's very good.
That show is too good to be cancelled.
Wow I Just saw the pilot episode a couple days ago. And it was great! I did read however that making this show is too expensive so that's why I never came back. However, I think a ton of people will watch this, please bring back.
7090Damian T.
Something so freaking awesome and new like this needs to come back
7091Brian L.
This show is amazing. Make it a thing. It would not be too expensive now.
How?! How it was considered to be non profitable?! Please, bring it back! (at least 1 season)
7094Name Withheld
A show like this is needed. It would generate a cult following. It would also generate your studio lots of money. You like money right?
7098Nicholas Lewis
7099Marek Vincíbr
Bring it back for fucks sake. it is a money maker, you dumb shits!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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