Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
seriously come on adult swim. just get rid of the shitty anime and put out a REAL cartoon... Korgoth
802Casey Hendley
We want Korgoth!
803Carlos Romero
804Michael Marceau
Please bring Korgoth back! We CAN handle more than one!
This was a show on par with the Venter Bros(aka awesome).
Bring it back, we can take it.
Bring back Korgoth! We need the awesomeness of steel and bloodshed!
One of the best conceived and produced adult swim shows I have seen...EVER!!! Bring on more Korgoth!
Come on, give it a chance... just advertise it on G4 and it'll have amazing ratings.
Korgoth must not be denied!!
810Dante Estrada
Bring back what adult swim was all about. Kill the live action crap like Tim & Eric
Long live Korgoth!!!!
813Joe Langley
Bring Korgoth back...I have yet to delete the pilot episode from 2006!
814Jeff Emery
This show was the best thing you've had on adult swim (behind Futurama). I went out of my way to watch it everytime it came on. Kill Tim & Eric, it's a wet fart of a show.
815Michael kysar
I saw the pilot in 2006 and really liked it. Think there should have been some new episodes by now.
816Matthew Grizzard
817rex rummens
i loved it!!! you promised a series and all we got was one episode.
818Morgan Cook
You puny mortals! Give me my Korgoth or face a whole new spectrum of pain! Like a rainbow!

Tracked this show down and watched it. Excellent. Please revive it.
Korgoth is awesomeness! Please make more!!
One of the funniest pilots I have ever seen!
822Dan P
Pretty please?
823Alec Hogan
great show bring it back
825Brian Kinsley
This cartoon has some serious potential. Abort one of your shitty anime babies and grow a set. Give us more Korgoth!!
826Alley Blackman
Bring it back !!!
828Kevin hagerman
You've got a great show here in Korgoth of Barbaria. Don't let it slip away!
829Paulo Pereira
Let's see some more Korgoth of Barbaria! Yes, we can handle more than one! (And, please, no more Assy McGee!)
830Robert Kowalewski II
This was really good, it would be a great partner to Venture Brothers & Metalocalypse.
832Julian Ulbrich
Korgoth now!
You'll play Assy/Tim and Eric but you won't get Korgoth going? WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG!
834John Bell
Korgoth, yeah!!!
835dayton obre
kills me to see a cartoon of this calibure not make it past the pilot.
836Michael Michaels
This is the best show, and that is all you will ever need.
837John Billiamson
you would rather make squid billies and disgust me.
838Nathan Williamson
Korgoth Rules!
Korgoth was in my opinion the best single show ever on adult swim i really like robot chicken and metalocalypse but korgoth was my favortie. there needs to be more Korgoth
We require more korgoth!!!
841Adam Houck
Korgoth was on of the most amazing pilots I had ever seen. Especially the part when he lunged at the tree. That was awesome. Anyway, Let's not forget that Korgoth is voiced by Diedrich Bader. Equally as awesome.
842Dusan Markovic
It is one of the funniest animations I've seen to date and if humor is too heavy... common, look at Family Guy!
843Timothy Stanley
Korgoth's probably the best show that'd ever air on Adult Swim and I like most of the programing. I like Birdman, Boondocks, Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken, Stroker & Hoop, and Family Guy. Korgoth'd decimate all those.
844Yordan Zdravkov
Come on, why do we have to wait forever? Give us MOAR Korgoth! Of Barbaria! KORGOTH OF BARBARIA!!!
845Bogdan Borisov Landjev
846Matti Eiden
Plain great.
This is the best show ever created. The manliness thing ever created. How could any one with a pair of balls prevent this from coming on. Billions times better than the boring crap like ASSY MIGGY, Birdman and other shows that are on adult swim now!
pretty damn awesome show
849Cole Rieger
I still cry a little bit from laughing every time I see the bar fight. With shows like "The Tim and Eric Awesome Show" already being aired, really all this can do is help.
850Jason Leeth
Bring it back, yo. You should know funny when you see it!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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