Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Korgoth was the most awesome show to grace the tubes of television. If they do not bring it back I will seriously consider not watching AS anymore.
852Laura V
Korgoth was probably the best animation I have seen in years. AS has really gone down the tubes with all the anime bullcrap, you need somehting GOOD like Korgoth !!!
853C. Bell
I greatly enjoy the pilot of "Korgoth" and remain disappointed that it is seemingly not being given a chance. So many people like Korgoth, and I personally don't know anyone that can even tolerate 'Tim and Eric' but I digress. More Korgoth please!
854Jesse Nelson
One of the best shows on adult swim and really, anywhere else. I could watch the pilot again and again and it is a tragedy that there have been no more episodes!
855M.A. Welch
This has the potential to be one of the funniest satirical cartoon series ever made. BRING IT BACK!
856alberto molina
korgoth is the best!!!
857morten kofoed
One of the best pilots I've ever seen
Traed a Korgoth, es lo mejor!
859Jasen Balev
The best show ever :)
860Max Damage
861corey jennings
862J.L. Caridade
I've been waiting for so looooong for something like Korgoth! Great fun!
863marjorie gray
864Chris Badeaux
865Ola Finstadsveen
The most entertaining episode in history and you cancel?
866Andrew Bush
This, along with Welcome to Eltingville, is one of the best cartoons Adult Swim have ever shown. Naturally neither of them made it past the pilot. It's a shame really.
867Edwin Gowatski
This was so amazing, so great, and now what? No word, no new episodes. PLEASE bring Korgoth back!
868Kristin Koshinsky
869Dom Betters
870Mike Rihn
871P. Osiak
Bring back Korgoth!
872Kevin Taras
Korgoth was a funny show and looked like it could have been something great. Hell, the first episode was great. It's a shame this petition probably won't do a thing.
873W. Karolak
Class of its own. You can't kill him so give us more episodes!!!
874O. ?ura?ski
Bring back Korgoth...
Simply amazing show... brilliant!
Was the show cancelled because it was too amazing for television? Yes! YES!!
Or because they probably couldn't have done much more with the story? A realistic "yes."
877Justin Bannon
This show looks extremely promising in many ways. Also, one of the best pilots I've ever seen. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please and please put this show on for at least a damn season!
878Jack G.
879Micha? W.
880Ivan J
Great show, too bad Adult Swim canceled it without explanation...
Give us back the vicious one!Give us back Korgoth!
882K. Trojanek
883Jon Stuart
korgoth is one of the funniest things i have ever seen of cartoon network please bring it back
C'mon man!
'hairy balls of the gods'lol yes we want more!!!!
YES!!! definitely bring this show back...I was sadened that only one episode was made...granted it's a pilot...but this show better be back on or the "dark future wasteland" may appear sooner than expected!!
887Terry Robertson
I'm not too surprised that Korgoth hasn't been produced in a full run. Adult Swim is more occupied with shitty shows that have no substance riding on the coattails of ATHF and anime that no one wants to watch.
888Simon Gravel
I wonder why AS never aired this gem in the first place..
889Dustin Smith
Bring back the blood-caked awesomeness that was Korgoth!
890Maciej Micha?owski
I beg you, bring it back!
892Jon T
Drop the Anime and give the ppl what they want!
893aaron fontanilla
894ramsey king
do i really need to say anything?
895Josh Byra
Assy McGay. Aqua Teen Dumbass Farce. Tom Goes to the Slideshow. Tim and Eric Notevenanimation Show. All still in rotation. Korgoth? Not even an explanation. WTF?! Get a clue, BRING IT BACK, and cancel the aforementioned fecal matter while you're at it.
Why CN why? This Show is Killer; as the 896th person to sign this petition hear our plea!
Wow please make more of this awsome show i mean come on why put crappy animated redneck shows on like assymagee or squidbillies comeone srsly.
It's too brutal...
899mark latta
we want it. just do it!
900Jim Pavelec
Korgoth is animation in its purest, most enjoyable form. Now more than ever we need a true Barbarian to entertain us.
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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