Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
2451Scott Key
Why is it that the funny well written shows never make it?
Bring it back and it will be one of your top rating shows in one season.
This show was absolutely hilarious when I saw it. Give it a season, would ya?!
2453Anon Y. Mous
I would be able to die happy after seeing another episode of Korgoth.
*wham* ill cut you!
2456Richard M
This pilot showed great potetintal why not more episodes?
Seriously, what's the deal?! Bring Korgoth back....NOW!
Never seen a show like it, I love it!
2459Adrian M
Give it a chance!
2460George Z
This looked very promising and was supremely funny as a pilot. Sorely dissapointed that its not making production. "I'm gonna show you a whole new spectrum of pain. Like a rainbow!"
2461Jonny boy
Bring it back. Loved it and have been waiting for more!!!!!
No wonder I could never find anything after the pilot. It was yanked. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take off some anime to make room or something. Please broadcast this show!!!
2464Anthony L.
A hilarious show that needs to at least be given a chance! Tim and Eric has been on the air for years, so we know you have money to throw away!
Bring back KORGOTH
2466Arlin Brock
My friend, Brendan, and I used to draw these kinds of toons all the time.
2467paul aamodt
saw it on oct 31..pretty awsome ..would like to see more.
that was great! I want more >_
This has so much potential... it puts me in mind of a Brock Samson in the middle ages.
2470Ashish Shetty
This show rocked! Bring it back please!! m/
Korgoth absolutely ruled. The intro music ruled too. I can't believe it never beyond the pilot episode.
2472Greg M.
2474Dan S
Loved the pilot! Would like more episodes!
2475Rob H
This is the type of show AS needs more of, not shows about talking asses.
2476casey r
Korgoth is like the original brock samson no mercy and just overkill to all his opponents
Saw the korgoth pilot for the first time and hands down one of the best ive seen on adult swim, please bring it back!!
Been waiting for a new episode two years, comedic brutality at its best.
I loved the pilot and have watched it many many times, please make more!
2482Captain awesome
seriously, take tim and eric off and put korgoth on seriously, those two suck ass and should be killed for being so stupid and un-funny
2483Jeff Karlan
More Korgoth!
2484Alex Avalos
2485Urs Luginbuehl
2486Y. "Beef" Vandriessche
Korgoth LIVES
Bring it to us
2488Josh M
Br1ng KORGOTH back!!!
MORE Korgoth!!!!!!!
I want to see more!
2491Christopher Hampson
This show EFFING rules! Its better than most of the crap thats on Adult Swim now. Pay them whatever for MORE!!!
Adult Swim should know better. How can they not see Korgoth(and Welcome to Eltingville) can be good shows.
2493Kyle Gilbert
I can't believe this show never got picked up for production. This NEEDS to be aired.
Dear god, please. Not picking this up is sin, and Adult Swim should go to hell for it.
2495Barry Combs
Best Cartoon I have seen in a long time! Completely feels like pulp Conan, Kull, etc. Please bring it back
My husband and I loved the pilot! Please bring the entire series to AS.
2497Jeremy W
WTF!? I thought there would be more than one episode? Where's the rest?
Please for the love of God bring it back! Need more shows like this!
the pilot was awesome and should be a series
2500Steve Thunder
This show was hilarious. I demand at least one season!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7340

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