Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
This is a good serie, lets get it aired:)
502Korgoth Fan
Bring it back.
504Dmitry "LoKK" Baranov
Very good cartoon. Funny, brutal with great animation and design. Also, Age of Conan MMORPG launched, so it can be popular enough nowdays
this show was possibly the funniest bit of original programming you had... other than maybe robot chicken, also it satisfied my penchance for violence in the best way possible. with more violence... and breasts... lots of breasts
Never seen it till i watched those clips. And i usually hate cartoons. Hilarious.
more pls! more brutal pls! more violence pls!!!
Me need korgoth
509Billy Zane
I want to see more rainbows of pain!
GIEF K0RG0TH!!!11!one
/GIEF Korgoth
TV needs more shows like these or TV will die. BRING BACK KORGOTH NOW!
Bring back Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth!
514Zorak Mantis
For the sake of all that is evil... bring back this show!
Let's be reasonable!
We NEED Korgoth!
517Artem Rynkovoy
Pleeessee return lovely bloody Korgoth!
518Denis Fox Kuznetsov
Bring back the ocean of violence! We Need More Korgoth! Bring back Korgoth!
OH MY GOD BRING IT BACK!!! Conan outs and more fans will see the great violence that is Korgoth. Lets swing some axes into some heads and watch Korgoth.
lets try a twisted theory of havin somethin thats actually good on tv
520 signatures???!! Korgoth should have millions!
Too good to be not aired
522Roah the Conquer
They teased us with just one episode and now that we want more all they have to say for themselves is, "you couldnt handle more than one anyway." damnit im pissed.
Listen to me producers: this serie will make a lot of money!
agree with you, Sintac, more breasts!
By the dark gods power we want more Korgoth!
one of the best cartoons i have ever seen!
More Korgoth! Arrrgh!
528Alcoholic Soldier
More violence and more Thrash!
529Michael Johnsen
This need to happen. The world needs a brutal and funny show like this. Rock, sex and violence. It can't go wrong.
530the Darken
you bastards!!! you're destroying lives.
531Kevin M.
yea this should have millions of signatures for sure. adult swim is an idiot for not continuing this.
The Pilot is literally BRILLIANT from start to finish, and by no means am I exaggerating by using that term.
Apparently, the money in the budget for Korgoth was instead moved to the budget for the horendous class of 3000. Anon is not pleased
This was easily one of the best shows that could have graced Adult Swim, it was a shame to have it canned, I'd love to see it brought back.
Please? Pretty please?
I promise to buy all the many seasons on DVD!
You can not let this show die! Everything on cartoon network fails in comparison to it. Let the fans decide if it lives or dies, since it's us who keeps the network in business for watching.
*a new spectrum of a rainbow*
...but not like any other kind of rainbow...
Want more
540Smiley of Nelwood
Incur not my wrath.
541Michael Langner
Woahhhh !!!
542patrick schrantz
the best bar fight ever!
543Jon Govednik
Korgoth was an Awesome pilot, perfect for the Adult Swim after-hours timeframe. An excellent reinvention of the mindlessly violent saturday morning cartoons of my youth.
Bring it back
545john zuluaga
there isnt any thing entertaining anymore on the tv except for only a hand full of shows and this show was one of them,it never really had the chance to get the ignition that it deserved. all it needed was a little more time i know it would have made waves
I would love to see how this would develop as a series. The pilot rocked and felt solidly pieced together for more.
547Ben Ehrman
This is a cult show. As a rabid D and D player, I found this show to be truly awe-inspiring, and would say it is a cult, or at least will be. I see no reason for it's cancellation, especially once it was announced.
Korgoth combines my two favorite things- thrash metal and violence. LIKE A RAINBOW.
bring back korgoth u fashis pigs
I need this.
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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