Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
For fuck sake this show was better than most of the shit you bastards already picked up
bring the damn show back
You dumped Korgoth in favor of new seasons of Assy McGee and more shit by Tim and Eric?!? BRING BACK KORGOTH!!
711Ryan Windeknecht
Bringing back Korgoth's merciless savagery may be my only key to survival.
The pilot was better then most shows on adult swim. One of my favorit after Venture Bros. of course.
Bring Back Korgoth or at least axe the whole TOM & ERIC show shit!
Best. Show. Evar.
715Nathan C
This show was AWESOME!! Bring it back, please?
716Lee W
We want Korgoth! It's better than a talking asshole.
718Peter Varga
We deserve it.
Bringing it back now that not one but two Conan universe based PC games has been released would probably boost ratings. Perfect time to bring it back.
Korgoth needs to come back so we can see what happens next where we left off him dragging a cart full of antidote thats a bad way to end something. I mean you can use your imagination but we want to see more gore and carnage like the colosiem and gladiator
721Arlene C
Man that was a great show, bring IT BACK
722Ryan Perryman
Korgoth of Barbaria will be an amazing show. Just look at the total views of the pilot episode on, it's 280,000+! Obviously people agree with me on this.
723Andrew Pierce
This show is better than most of the shows on adultswim now.
724Niles Virgin
I Love this show
725Randol Hooper
726Schuyler Dievendorf
You have "Assy McGee" but this show isn't picked up...really?
if adult swim doesn't pick up the show they lose major cool points
728Gregory Wolfe
Please please pick it up. It was hilarious!
729Stefan Duecker
The fact that 12oz mouse was allowed to air more than once and Korgoth got the boot after the pilot? I call shenanigans on [AS]!
730Jameson Marrs
sick-ass show, really want to see more. Don't let this go down for good.
bring it on
kick ass show...keep up the good work!!!!
733Peter Wasserman
This show would be bigger than the venture brothers
734Sean D
this would be the best show on adult swim
735Morphy Maniac
AWESOME ShOW!!!!!!!!
736Adam Hinkle
If i dont see korgoth back im going to go korgoth on AS and you know what i mean
737Teemu V?yrynen
Bring as back best work you have ever done and it's best most others have done so far... Onlythink near as good is Thundarr The Barbarian, but they don't do it any more, too...
738Selwob Fenderdon
Needs more Korgoth.
739shawn stransky
this is true rawness plz give me more
740Milos Golubovic
741nate merritt
please bring it back! this show is awesome and the best animated show as well. PLEASE!
742jason griffith
bring it back. it is my all time favorite show ever. EVER!
743topher Merritt
Needs seasons of Korgoth. NOW!
the whole band loves it it?s pure inspiration. ^_-
745Dmitry Kalinin
got many friends to see it, all loved, please please please let it air!
Ill even buy a DVD lol
746dan heiss
dude comon bring back korgoth, that show is the shit. bring it back
Korgoth is what people need. It combines the flair of classic fantasy with modern humor and themes.
It's sad that Korgoth wqas not picked up
bring it back!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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