Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
2351c perez
I am amazed that this pilot did not turn into a regular show. It is hilarious & sexy.
2352S. Stankiewicz
It was the best pilot bring it back damn it.
2353D Doan
This show is damn barbarian genius. Why it's not on when many other hit & miss shows are airing is beyond comprehension.
2354Jason Beaudyne
God!!It's like a dysfunctional slutty,redneck nurse,I can't help myself!!I love this show!It's so bad for me!
2355Hansel I.
when i heard Korgoth was not gonna be aired i was like, WTF is wrong with ADULT SWIM? they air all those retarded abortions like TIM and ERIC, SQUIDBILLIES, ASSY McGEE and the list goes forever. KORGOTH is the best cartoon ive seen in ages bar none.
2356Jeremy M
More please!
If Korgoth is not picked up, I say we over run Williams Street Studios with Battle Axes
2358Eric w.
Bring this back, the piolt ep. was hilarious!!! Obviously the creator was successful with his other work, this would just go ontop of the list!!!
Great show, loved it when I first caught it. Also bring back Welcome to Eltingville
2360Jesse T.
PLEASE BRING BACK KORGOTH! It would be my favorite show EVER.
2361Douglas Hutcheson
Korgoth was one of the coolest pilots I ever saw on Adult Swim or anywhere for that matter. Hilarious and action-packed, it was just the send up the fantasy genre needed. PLEASE make more!
2362Korgoth fans
Please!!!! My husband and I love this show, bring it back!!
2363Joe G
This was the best thing since anything else.
Koroth rules !!
ITs way friggin better than some of the other crap you play ie.. TIM and ERIC and ASSY McGEE etc ....BRING it back!!!
i CAN handle that and more!!
2366Mike T.
Korgoth is one of the funniest, most badass pilots Adult Swim has ever shown. Bring it back! It'd make an amazing show.
2367bababooey's balls
"i despise all weavers of the black arts. speaking of which, can you pass the gravy?"
2368Johnny Blaze
Please bring back Korgoth of Barbaria. It's better then most of the suckage you play at night.
2369Dave Fields
Please, bring back this most amazing of shows - we're half a nation without it.
2370Bill Webber
2371Nelson Gonzalez
Korgoth was a surprisingly clever, bloody, gory, sexy spoof of Conan the Barbarian that was hilariously scripted, beautifully animated, and actually ran a full half-hour...a rarity for an Adult Swim ORIGINAL series. It deserves to be brought back.
2372Robert B
Come on, this show was far funnier than the drivel you guys show on adult swim these days.
2373Benjamin Hayden
I think this would make a Great series for Adult Swim.
2374Richard C. Mongler
[as] needs moar Korgoth.
2375Nicholas Farmer
Such an excellent show. Way better than most of the shows adult swim take on. What happened adult swim? Your show choices have become bad.
2376Mike s
saw the Pilot on Halloween night.
I have not laughed soo hard in soo long
2377S. Woods
I can't believe they didn't go with this show. Bring it back!
2379Alisia R.
I saw the pilot when it first aired. It's a different kind of show. I love it. Bring it back?
2380Matthew Jon Urquhart
This show is too badass to keep off my TV. It could tear the spines out of every member of Dethklok without even blinking!
Oh my god please bring back Korgoth, its the greatest cartoon ever
cool show
2383T Day
It would be very smart if you would put it on
This show has only one rival, The Great Groo of the 1980's comic series. Drawn by some folks that worked at Mad Magazine. He was awesome, and so is Korgoth. If Superman can have Bizzaro, then by God Conan can have Korgoth.
I want to see more of this show! bring it back if you kno whats good for ya
2386Brian S.
This show was fucking amazing, for the love of God bring it back
drop inuyasha and full metal alchemist and bring back korgoth, samurai champloo, and cowboy bebop.
2391Keshav Singh
I have been waiting for more episodes for a couple of years. I this petition will bring Korgoth like Family guy.
2393Troy S.
We need more shows like this on TV. It's like Heavy Metal meets South Park.
Give me Korgoth and cancel that other crap like Tim & Eric.
2396Kristin H.
This was a great pilot, I would love to see more episode. More Korgoth please!
2397B Sampson
More Korgoth!
Love this show. I've been waiting for more episodes since I saw the original airing of the pilot.
2399B Sampson
More Korgoth of Barbaria!
Bring that lovable barbarian back into my home.
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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