Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
1951Aaron Cohen
I never even saw it, but it has what I'm looking for.
1952Ivan Andreyevich
Korgoth is an excellent show. Kicks the asses of most of the [as] lineup.
1953Chris MP
When I saw the pilot I thought "finally!" Now WTF?
1954Abraham La Selle
They need to bring this show back on the air the adult swim lineup isn't what it used to be.
1955matthew hines
I first saw it a few months ago and was blow away this series is made for adult swim put it on TV NOW!
Korgoth is Awesome bring it back!
1957Morris Mozingo
Very funny show, bring it back.
1958Bobby Thompson
I'm sure if more people had the priviledge of catching the pilot episode they would be here to sign as well. WE WANT KORGOTH !!!
1959Mat D H
Bring 'em Back
1960DD Guillaume
It's the best show ever, please bring it back!
1961Nicolas Sindres
That is one of the Greatest things ever (with cookies !). Bring it baaaaaack !
1962Rick Lopez
Please Please :D It'd be even better than ATHF or Metalocalype!
1963Johannes Nilsson
Please bring back, the pilot was so good
Bring back Korgoth. The best cartoon I`ve seen in years. Don`t tell me it was just a joke.
1965James Mckinnon
Please bring Korgoth back! Please!
1966Owen Beutler
1967Aaron Williford
Korgoth rulez! Bring back the Barbarian!!!
1968Chelsea Miller
I love this show, AND Adult Swim needs something to cover for the loss of Futurama!
1969Ryan Murphy
please bring this show it was very very awesome. I laughed my ass off when I 1st watched it
1970Robert Graves
Great show. Please bring it back!
1971Sean H
1973Albert Iordache
I don't even know what this is, but bring it back.
1975Gabriel Oliveira
I want MORE!
One of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Over the last two years I've shown it to every single friend that I've found who hasn't seen it.
I only just saw Korgoth about 30 minutes ago and I LOVE it! Bring it back!
I just saw it and want it back, too! D:
The amount of asskickery laid down by Korgoth is needed on [AS].
Bringing Korgoth not back is like saying "We won't make more money. And it's the best cartoon ever!
KORGOTH! Best animation pilot EVER!
Whoever decided to cancel production on Korgoth has severely underestimated the interest of the people.
do it for the fans or for money, in both cases you will earn enough of this cartoon
1988Kavan Cleary
The only show on adult swim i've ever gotten into, give me more!
Please more Korgoth
1991A. White
Come on, with crappy shows like Assy McGee, Frisky Dingo, Robot Chicken and Squidbillies on... you don't have space for the brilliantly entertaining Korgoth!
1992Michael Manning
Do it and I promise I wont download it illegaly.
1993D. Hernandez
At least air the episode so that people who missed the pilot the first time could see it, spread the word, and then we'd collect enough of...

Oh just bring it back. Please.
1994ali Sattar
BEST SHOW EVER PERIOD (Going to add a period to end the sentence) . (There it is)
1995Adam R Isley
Korgoth of Barbaria Fact: It takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile. But Korgoth can rip the skin off of your face with only 12 muscles. No joke. I've seen it done. Aaaagh!
1996V. U. K.
Korgoth is the best ctoon ive ever seen bring it back!
1997frances hunsucker
I loved this show i want
1998W Plotegher
anyone who likes a brilliant mix of conan, he-man, heavy metal, sex, and buckets of gore will love this. i'll chop off my little finger if you don't!!!!!!!
1999Anthony D Hudson
This show rocked. If you can have crap like Assy McGhee (pun intended) then you can bring back this hyper-violent bloodfest back
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7340

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