Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
1551Aaron B.
Korgoth > any other show on Adult Swim!
1552Cory G.
More Korgoth!!!
1553Juuso Kekkonen
I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot and could go for a whole season of the aforementioned show.
Korgoth is a good show, right? But since there is 1 episode- OMG, AS, please pick Korgoth up for a show. WE WANT NEW KORGOTH EPISODES!
1556Lucas P.
1557Carlton B.
Why was only one episode of this show ever aired!? It was the best show to ever air on AS...EVER. PLease bring it back. I know a lot of people who really want more episodes, and every time I show someone the pilot they ask me why this show didn't take off.
1559SeNoR DoLoR
Probably one of the best shows I have ever seen.
1560Lord Scrotum
This show is so great! even the poeple in germany love it! like me :)
1561ian M.
this show was awesome.
1562Ross C.
bring it bitches
Bring Back the show, it was hilariously good
1566Justin H.
Stop waisting your time with Tim and Eric, Brak, Spaceghost, and that trash. Korgoth was one of the few shows I laughed to, not at.
1567Evan O'Connor
The show was AMAZING!

Barbarians + post apocalyptic world = Epic.

This show is promising!!!
1569Blain Russom
Better than a lot of other cartoons. Give it a chance at least.
1570Ken Robkin
please bring this show back, it was awesome beyond paralle
1571Brian Gillen
Adult swim is slipping. The only decent show is the venture brothers. You guys put on stupid live action garbage but drop a brilliant show like korgoth. Seriously, get back on the ball, give the people what they want.
1572maquis wilson
come on adult swim please make more episodes i'll be happy if you just gave us one season. for the love of god just bring it back please.............. JUST BRING BACK KORGOTH
1573Ricktor Ravensbruck
Please allow the series to continue/air. How can Adult swim air so much garbage (hello? Fat Guy Stuck In Internet?) and allow this brilliant show to slip away.....Wtf?
More Korgoth would mean a radical increase in the average level of entertainment offered by Adult Swim.
Korgoth for the win!!
with some of the absolute crap adult swim puts on the air, how could they ever pass up this gem, HAIRY BALLS OF THE GODS!!!
show has potential
1579Michael Kristula
Korgoth is the best thing since sliced bread
You will put any of the shit that Tim and Eric crap out, god forbid you put on something good like Korgoth, bring it back!
Adult Swim needs to get back to its roots. Samurai Jack, Dexter's lab etc. Axe Tim and Eric, Fat guy, and the rest of that trash and give us quality programming again. Korgoth needs a full season.
Yes, bring back Korgoth, he could cleave Tim and Eric in twain without breaking a sweat.
this show would rule. Adult Swim are a bunch of idiots if they don't pick up Korgoth
BEST. PILOT. EVER. nuff said
1586Korgoth rules
funniest cartoon ever.
1587Jason Osincup
I just heard about this show and watched the pilot right now. This needs to be brought back and made a full show.
1588James Ewert
Fantastic Pilot. I loved it. It would have an immediate following if ever produced.
1589andrew garner
favorite show of all time. ever.
1590WillIam Lagerquist
1591Simo S.
Most promising TV show in years.
and to think, i believed in you adult swim...
Bring him back, Korgoth is fantastic..!
1594Robbie Carpenter
Amazing show that should be back.
1595Marty McFly
This great masterpiece cannot be banned only cause there's blood. If you ban it cause there's violence, then you have to ban Billy and Mandy too, it's even worse (they're beating everytime). Bring that great cartoon back :-D Genndy is master artist
1596David Matthews
It's pretty funny.
1597Pedro Moreno
Bring back!
The world needs this show.
1599Chris Anchrum
I think the show was great and could have been a masterpiece in the adult swim line-up. I loved the artwork and it kept me laughing. I can't stand some of the other shows that managed to find there way onto adult swim. I won't name names but some of them suck and now all I watch on adult swim is Boondocks and Robot Chicken! The first time I watched Korgoth I loved it. Please bring it back.
Korgoth of Barbaria needs a home on Adult Swim. One of the funniest shows I've ever seen on Adult Swim. The show has real potential and is better than half of the garbage that Adult Swim airs now. Maybe I should buy the rights and shop it to another network!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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