Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
A really funny show that at the same time, managed a surprising level of subtlety in making references to its source material. Give it another chance.
4202Jeffrey Runokivi
Come on, there are so few really funny shows for nerdy book lernin' types...bring it back.
4203Jeff Rients
More Korgoth please.
This is so much better than Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Crap. Please make it happen.
4205Chris Conklin
Korgoth was hysterical and ten times better than the crap they some how stays on air (I'm looking at you Tim & Eric).
4206M. Gibbons
More Korgoth please
4207Otto P.
Fuck Anime. Fuck 12.Oz Mouse, fuck Robot Chicken.
4208Gamer Dude
Thought it was hilarious. I'd love to see more.
Excellent pilot; lots of potential. I'd watch it!
4210Bill S.
Please bring back Korgoth. Why Korgoth was never run or shelved before it's time and Adult Swim continued to air shows like "Tiom and Eric" is completely beyond me.
When I watched the pilot I kept thinking it was written by someone who plays D&D - and it's not the crappy cartoon with the amusement park kids!
4212Djordje Cerovic

4213J Nowlin
4214Greg G.
Bring it.
More Korgoth!
4216jacob hidecker
ive watched the pilot more times than i can count,i cant believe it didnt get a slot, the current adult swim shows are just lame(boosh and tim&eric are just sad, all live shows on cartoon network are just homo laugh parties
I would have to agree Tim & Eric and all shows like it suck. More Venture Brothers more Korgoth!!!!!!
4218Brian Cooper
This is the greatest show I've ever seen
4219Dan Morgan
4220Chris Edwards
Whoever has the job of giving a thumbs up or down to new shows needs to be fired. Post haste. After tattooing "Epic Fail" on their forehead.
4221Justin Gates
I cant believe what Adult Swim has become.. Shows like Tim and Eric are a disgrace.. When i heard about Korgoth and watched the pilot i was amazed at how funny it was.. probably the best show they have ever aired a pilot for.
AS needs to realize that just because high school stoners watch there programing that there not the only demographic out there, if the quality of programing doesn't improve drastically and soon I doubt that [AS] will exist for another 5 years.
4223Jura of Barbaria
Please bring back this fantastic television show
4225only noob
mult nice!!
p/s Troy ?????
4227Steve Day
Oh man, I would sell my soul to have this back!
Do as Korgoth would do! Bring it back!
Stroker & Hoop and Assy Mcgee get two seasons, but the inspired Korgoth of Barbaria get's only one pilot? C'mon [AS]...
4230Theodore R. Sadowski, Jr.
They let Xavier have multiple episodes but only gave Korgoth 1 episode? WTF?? Xavier made absolutely NO sense, and IMO wasn't funny at all, whereas Korgoth was clever and hilarious. Injustice has been done!
4231Smith Peterson
Bring it Back!!!!
??????? ???????!!!!
4233Peter Banks
This is a brilliant concept - the world needs more. Seems like venture brothers is a very good comp that does well for Adult Swim.
4234jayson gertz
loved every minute of the pilot and felt betrayed by a network that shows crap like "assie magee" but refuses to make such a well done piece of comic gold into a series. BRING IT BACK!
4235Chris Heffernan
This show is infinitely more metal than metalocalypse. Please bring it back.
4236Aaron Somerville
The pilot was hilarious and well done. I will actually watch your stupid channel if you bring Korgoth back.
4237Joesph Wood
Korgoth is amazing. I wish we could get the whole season.
4238Cameron Lawson
The pilot was freaking awesome. My friends and I watched it a couple times together and were HIGHLY anticipating episodes to come. Please make it happen! Bader is a god!
4239Sergey Serdyuk


??????? ??????? ????!!
4240Vitaly Savotin
Best show ever!
More Korgoth!
4241Alex Serdyuk
Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria!
4242Vasiliy Pizhik
people need Korgooootthhh )
awesome show, i want it back )
4243Michael M
Please bring this back. Brilliant show.
I need Korgoth. Please develop and run this series. Loose ATHF and Squidbillies if you have to..
4245Eduardo E.
Korgoth is great. Cartoon Network needs more shows like this. Granded its really not a kids show. More then 80% of the Cartoon Network veiwers are 17 and up. Give the veiwers what we want. " More great cartoon, like Korgoth of Barbaria, and less crappy shows that aren't even cartoons".
4246P.W. Herman
get rid of boondocks and the pjs and give korgoth a series.
4247Eric Tarr
4248James Ray Kenney
Please bring back this show!
4249erik b
YES! please put KORGOTH back on! and can we start a new petition to ban aquateen and robot chicken now? thank you.
4250The Wizard Specules
"What's the matter big boy; don't ya want me no more?"
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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