Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
2101rickie thornley
make the show.

2102Mike G
Best cartoon ever, I can't belive these fools on Adult Swim are loosing their taste and judgment, please bring back Korgoth. Untill that day You sir (adult swim) has lost my faith on your cartoon picking abilities.
Bring Back Korgoth! The show rocked!
2104Ari Hautala
Want Korgoth. Will pay in gold. Deliver NOW!
2105Max Cooper
If you don't bring back Korgoth. I'm gonna introduce you to a whole rainbow of PAIN!
never shulda dropped it
do it. do it now.
this show was so tits! more tits then all the other shows on adult swim. You guys are so cheap, not supporting real cartoons, other then venture brothers!
*sigh* not buying more episodes cuz it was gonna cost too much isnt a good reason with the popularity of the pilot from this show. Bring it back.
I honestly don't understand why Adult Swim lets so many of its best IP acquisitions disappear, while they replay the same stuff over, AND OVER. Korgoth of Barbaria is a prime example of how broken their business model has been for the last few years.
Pick it up, Make the damn show.
2112Demarcus of swashbucklia
its going to make you money. look how south park took off. korgoth of barbarias first episode alone is better then south parks first 6 seasons combined. dont be stupid. MAKE THIS SHOW...or i will.
2113L?r?nt B?di
PLEASE continue this awesome story! I like This!!!
korgoth? i need MOREgoth!!
2115Ultra_Bonus Hit me up on Live
bring back korgoth
2116Kristopher Michael Jump
We need this show... why cancel one of the best new shows while Tim& Eric still have their nothingness gay show... its not even funny stupid humor... they ran out of pathetic attempts to be "wild & crazy" .... KORGOTH WE NEED YOU!you are GOOD!!!!!
wtf??superjail, really? thats on the air and KORGOTH sits on the shelf??
best show ever, make it happen, again.
Bring Korgoth back! It's best show ever! !!
It's so BROOTAL!
2122James Fleming
Please bring it back!
best cartoon ever. please bring back korgoth.
2124Robert Durbin
love this show. I want to buy the seasons. plz adult swim pick it back up.
2125Ric Nicholls
Korgoth is AWESOME! I want more!!!
2126Kim Ringenbach
GIVE more now.
2127Tim Ringenbach
MORE give now.
More Korgoth for a better world!
2129Gergely Jahn
have to watch the pilot every day...need more...
2131stephen z
PLEASE i understand making a show isnt that easy,but you pwomised!
i need more Korgoth
2133Nathan Jones
America Needs Korgoth!
Super Jail, Talking asses, Tim and Eric Doing... what ever it is they do? REALLY? I wouldn't laugh at those 3 if I smoked a fatty and drank a gallon of cough syrup. I want Korgoth, BRING HIM BACK.
2135Tim H.
It's truly puzzling that some gay fantasy about prison (Super Jail) can get on Adult Swim, but not Korgoth? The CEO of Adult Swim must be a syphilus-infected, retarded howler monkey.
2136James Covalt
I stumbled across korgoth on youtube and was amazed by not only the quality of the show and the creative mutilations of korgoth enemies, but by the diffi culty I had stopping myself from laughing my lunch up. After I saw the first episode, I spent half an
Best adult swim show i've ever seen. Please bring Korgoth back!
THis is a great show like what my long hours of praying have ask for if Adult Swim had any mind for business they could see gold and that gold is Korgoth
just six words Greatest show in history of Man
i can't believe u would not air this r u loco
why would Adult swim lie hmm why would u lie about your promise
Adult swim u have always been wise but i am starting to question your mental capacity
Adult Swim if u took the time from your money shower and heard the words of these people's mind u would bring forth what they crave
look at me stupid bird! make this a show!
More Korgoth bitches
you really messed up by not going through with this one ya stupid high ons. oh well, thank god theres 300+ channels on tv these days.
This show could have been so incredible. It would put much of the AS lineup to shame. BRING IT BACK!
2148Stefan Maja
Give more.
bring back ya pansies!
2150wade seymour
Bring back Korgoth!!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7340

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