Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
It is objectively better than most of the crap on Adult Swim nowadays.
We from
Korgoth of Barbaria back!!!
5603Aaron Schoichet-Indenbom
Let it be Korgoth!!!
Bring it back pls !!
! ! ---!
tim and eric,check it out, eagleheart, and all this other shit u feed us is good enough and korgoth didnt go past the pilot what the hell is wrong with u people
5607Vojtch Koudela
5608Jakub Koudela
5609Sergio Campus
Please bring it back.
5611Robert Szeles
One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Period.
5612Chris Mitchell
Best damn cartoon I've seen in years, bring back Korgoth!!!
5613Jordan Jensen
I fell inlove with this show just to get heartbroken when I'm told it was only a pilot and got canceled WTF!!! Bring korgoth back!!!!
I feel so free!!
Korgoth want more now!!!!
Why not make it a project?
Korgoth is even better than the Venture Brothers! It has all the comedy and the violence which the Venture Brothers didn't deliver as was indicated in the Venture Brothers Pilot.
Bring it back!
5621Flying box
5622Ramasahayam Vinayak Reddy
Care so much I even included my real name and everything, god I would watch this show everyday and buy all the DVDs
5623Sierra E.
Better than Metalocalypse. Bring this baaack!
Great cartoon.
5625Robert Ferri
This is an awesome show!! Put it on air!!
Korgoth rocks
5628Matj Plesnk
Korgoth please
Give the people what they want. I want more Korgoth eps to listen to while i play diablo 3 :P pilot was so great, can't believe more weren't made
really great show this could have been adult swims trip to the ultra mainstream with all the views each week.
5632Alex lom
I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5633Arnaud L
Hairy balls of the gods! Bring back Korgoth! & Burn that Aqua Teen force crap
Korgoth is my hero! btw we should start a facebook group to sign this petition it would help with signatures
5635Jason Wolfe
Why for no more?!
5636Andy Yastro
One episode is not enough
Yes, please make more of these!
Please make a full season!
Korgoth is epic, bring it back now... other shows fade in comparison
Korgoth is perhaps the funniest show I had seen on AS to date. Please find it in your hearts (read wallets) to bring it back.
Dunno if this petition is still active - but, judging from Youtube hits and this petition itself, there are others like me who would LOVE to see this show brought back. I love me some Korgoth!!
5642John Emerson
I thought the cartoon was hilarious and I would take time to watch something like it, if television has the vision to do it.
5643John Emerson
I thought the cartoon was hilarious and I would take time to watch something like it, if television has the vision to do it.
5644John Emerson
I thought the cartoon was hilarious and I would take time to watch something like it, if television has the vision to do it.
"I've dated girls uglier then you for breakfast"
bring it back and continue !
Hairy balls of the gods i want this back so bad
The best character ever, and good humor :)
Korgoth its brutal lml
5650Matt Small
Even if you just commission it for dvd release you will get some return it is amazing and shows so much promise just look at what has happened to metalocalypse before even starting you have that fanbase guaranteed
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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