Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
1902Emerson T.
Korgoth rules!
1903Wil T.
More Korgoth! I BEG OF YOU!!! PLEEEASE!!!
1904Eric Maag
Please bring it back
Please bring it back
1906Frank Aguilar
My brother and me love this show please bring it back!
1907Alberto Aguilar
Please bring back this awesome show AS
1908Jesse J
Slather yourself in their dung they will accept you as one of their own
Make more Korgoth! It is awsome!
1910Jon Goyt
Please make this a series; it's cartoon gold.
bring back the man from the frozen north
1912J. Weber
Oh, please, please bring this back! This would get me watching Adult Swim again!
1913Bart Verkoelen
We want more Korgoth! We like! Moar!
1915Alex Benes
Assie McGee sucks. Korgath should replace it
more korgoth please
1917Michael G
The show is amazing, complete at least a season.
kick ass!!
All we are saying is Give Gorgoth a chance
Give it a season at least
continue.mega cartoon
From Russia with love.
Why take it off (r they fucking retarted the fucking put on fat guy stuck in the internet
1924Jor Mungander
give it a shot
1925Viktor ?er
I saw the pilot episode today. Now I want to see more seasons, because it is very, very original television show!!
1926Nachtimlich von Kaiserheim
Adultswim has great shows, and Korgoth MUST be one of them!
1927Bill Thompson
Please bring back Korgoth!!!
1928Ryan Pfefferle
I wonder why this show was not given a chance after it's initial airing. I agree with people here - it should be given a chance.
return that show, it is so goooooood
Yes! AS pretty please pick this show up!
1931Brian B
Please give this show a chance. This was the only cartoon i was excited about.
1932Gunner Troutman
It makes no sense why they'd drop it, it's so amazing.
Best. Pilot. Ever. Bring it back, we want more!
Best fucking show ever. I looked forward to it for so long after the pilot and nothing ever happened. AS shows all these crappy shows instead, wtf!
1935Nikolay Yurchenko
Greatest trash fantasy animation I've seen. I love it :)
Way better then anything on tv now.
Genndy is a genius.
More barbarians!
bust your gut funny. Please bring it back!
1940Jesse Phillips
this had to be one of the best cartoons shows i have seen in a while, i was honestly heart broken when they took it off after only a dick tease of one show. i honestly can't understand what those idiots were thinking but they need to change that shit up
Korgoth is awesome !
Best Pilot i've ever seen
I want more Korgoth, I want it NOW!!
YES! Bring back Korgoth! There needs to be more cartoons like this! If you can have Venture Bros., you can have Korgoth!
so old school and hilarious, kind of gives me a nostalgic feel. Bring it back fools!
better then the other crap you guys show
this show is GENIOUS!
take conan+heavy metal (the animated movie+metalocalypse brutality. why would we not have more?
with this pilot episode, it is just like a foreplay without sex. WE WANT MORE!
Get this back on. It's the best show adult swin has going for it. Adult swims line-up suck ball's now.
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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