Petition Signatures for Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Korgoth should be aired for liberty's of expression sake!!
602ben hoteling
i want korgoth! full season!
this show was good. bring it back dickheads. i mean wtf you let that fuckin renegade angel show on the air god that was bad
604Richard S
This was one of the FEW decent new shows produced by Adult Swim. AS needs to stop making junk like Assy McGee and make GOOD shows like Korgoth!
Hilarious, need more korgoth.
We need more of that.
607Benjamin P
I need delicious violence!
608Pascal Dubois
609R V
610John W
611Chris Corbett
The best cartoon ever made hands-f$!#*n-down
612Samuel Kutis
the best show ever!
613jose martinez
one the best shows ever bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
614Mc Wawa
I really want to meet the guy who said "no".....I really do...
615Dillon D S
Best cartoon ever, must have more!!!!
616Brian L
Great show
617Mike Williams
Best Ever.
618Brandon Jacobs
This is one of the more entertaining cartoons that I have seen on Adult Swim.
One of the best I have ever seen!
Great show, a much needed break from the ass-hat junk "they" air most of the time.
Keep up the entertaining work!
621Ajay O.
This show was so hilarious and awesome, better than 90% of the Adult Swim programs. Metalocalypse and Robot Chicken are the only other tolerable ones. BRING IT BACK!
622Beau J.
The show is great! I'm disappointed and shocked, to be honest, that more haven't been aired yet!
623Adrian M
I can't believe this show wasn't aired yet for it's first full season. C'mon, make it happen fellas
624Richard C.
This was an awesome show. I'd like to see more ^_^
625Josh C.
This show is what i have been needing to help me sleep at night.
626Ken G. Evans
Bring back Deidrich Bader as an uncompromising, violent, and oversexed barbarian. The marketing tie ins with the Age of Conan MMO should provide adequate incentive from a marketing perspective. A fantastic show with alot of promise, hope to see it played a
627john F.
Please bring back Korgoth. All my friends loved the pilot. Maybe it can turn around the slump adult swim is currently experiencing.
628Johnny Disco
Whatever happened with this show?! I want more than just a pilot!
i keep waiting for this cartoon. why isn't it moving forward.
The show looks funny and I'd love to see it.
631mihai spadaru
Korgoth RULEZ!!!!
I loved the pilot please bring it back!
Korgoth was a great idea for a show, and the pilot funny and well executed. Would pay for a full series as good.
The best shows always seem to last the least time.
Less talking more Korgoth!
as is foolish to think assy or metalocolypse is better than korgoth. wth.
At least produce one season before you kill it.
There was nothing in the pilot episode that suggested that this show should never conquer television! It was perfect and beautiful in every way, and if it is not aired, whoever is responsible for it not being aired should get there skin ripped off.
Korgoth died like a baby with shaken death syndrome it didnt get a chance to live. now look at it this way what else are you doing to make money? Korgoth of Barbaria seems like it would be a big hit and make you lots of money so why not do the show....
In Russia, we all want's to see MORE!!!!!

642Dana Miller
Such a badass show! Perfect for AdultSwim!!!!!
643Jeremy Miller
Such an awesome show must survive!
this show is great bring it back
Instead of a good show like Korgoth of Barbaria, we have crap piles like Tom Goes to the Mayor and Twelve Ounce Mouse. What the hell are you people thinking?! WE WANT KORGOTH.
Korgoth 4 LifE!
647sam verner
korgoth is the shit reminds me of berserk
maybe for the next episode he could kill off tim and eric
How could this show not be in production yet?
649Dalton Patterson
Metalocalypse gives AS that metal vibe, but it's more of a fashion statement. Too many lengthy, non-brutal conversations. Korgoth could help fill the non-brutal void, and would be the perfect complement to your existing programs.
yeah, that really needed to happen
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Petition Details
Petition: Bring Back Korgoth of Barbaria
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: April 14th, 2008
Target: Adult Swim
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 7247

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