351Zach Daoust
352Ben Blue
Loved playing thse game so much! I still play them every time I get the chance and with my brother as well. Having a Dark Alliance III would be incredible.
353Jonathan Komar
I absolutely love the series and would love to see them re-released AND continued.
354Barry Nelson
Why do we have to beg these companies to make a game that if done half way decently should make them money? Geez...
355Kevin Bennett
Loved DA1/2, have wished they would re-release them ever since I got a PS3. It would also be great to see the storyline continued. I don't know why they haven't done it yet.
Please make da3 or even a remake of da 1 and 2 for the new consoles would be awesome.
BG:DA 1+2 Best Action RPGs on PS2 !!! PLS make a remake oder even an new one 4 PS3 !!!!
358Slim Cognito
DO IT DO IT DO IT !! !! !!
want this game, yeah
362Huge fan
Pleeeeaaaase. PS3 re-release of the first two, a sequel would be gravy
363Joshua Blackman
Please remake and continue the series!!!! These two games got me hooked into the gaming realm!!!!!!! Please!!!!!! Please Interplay! Please consider making a third Dark Alliance game!!!!!
364J. Harper
Just do it! Come on guys!
This needs to be done! The Dark Alliance series was extremely successful and greatly loved by many people throughout the world. Remastering the first two and perhaps making a third game would be the best decision made by either company! Please! Do it!
366David Butler
Please make this, would love to see this happen!
367Travis Istead
I want Dark Alliance 3.
368Travis Istead
I want Dark Alliance 3.
369Paco Chauvel
370Johhan Markson
Dark Alliance ftw.
Want to see baldurs gate on PS3
372Sergio Pacitto
D.A. III should it ever come out, is going to be outstanding!!
373Ben Williams
DA3 would be the best game ever! I really hope this happens.
374benjamin farelli
Dark alliance was a beautiful classic, with a haunting soundtrack and memorable characters! a trilogy is a must have for this series!
With all the great re-vamps and collections Playstation has done i really hope this makes the list.
I will pay any price for DA3!
I loved BGDA 1 and 2. Please re-release them, and make a third!
I loved BGDA 1 and 2. Please re-release them, and make a third!
379Kris Melnyk
My wife and I loved playing Baldur's gate together. It is a fantastic series to revive!
380Ryan Parnell
Loved the first two games and died inside when I found out there was no BG: DA3. Please Atari just team up and make a DA3.
381Ryan Parnell
Seriously I'm throwing money at you guys. Just make the game
this would make my life worth living, daggerdale was shit... so dont make it like that lol
383Anita Taylor
First off, all of the BG games have held my attention for the past few years. I was so looking forward to DA 3 coming out and then... Well you see its like not having the end of the story. Please finish the story for those of us who feel so lost without it
384Michael Taylor
Please! This is such a truly fantastic game and all of the new gamers going on their own for the first time since birth will love it just as much as us old fogies that were priviledged enough to have played the other BG games.
385Christopher Cocherell

Here Just take my money
387Jeff Frank
I think we are overdue for Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance 3, and it is time for that came to come out I been craving it alot with many of my friends.
These games are what we need today, a break from all the FPS
389Joshua Cook
This will be a must have game
390Jenna C
391dustin b
its a must have!!!!
392 Jim Mcallister
393matt angell
this game would rule
394Stan Braddock
395Tina Braddock
Do it
396Tim Mole
This would fill an empty void trapped within my soul.
397Salmon Grizzly
398Brandon Prinkey
399Dale Bruce
I want DA III!
Signing this will likely achieve nothing though lol
400Eric Martino
I grew up with those games. I would love to see them finished and would definitely pay $60, maybe more for them on PS3.
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Petition: Re-Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 18th, 2011
Target: Atari and Interplay
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 459
Signature goal: 50 000

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