253Adam J. Leisane
My world will be perfect.
254nita walsh
please please please make DA 3!
255Timothy McCabe
The first 2 games were great and they are the only ones I replay on the XBOX. I have been waiting for Interplay and Atari to sort this out.
More Baldur's Gate
Please make DA3!!!
260Jonathan Harris
The Dark Alliance series was what first got me attached to RPGs. I would like to finish the fight someday.
262Adam Johnson
263Adam Johnson
264Clide Stevens
265Kameron Schultz
266Cody Briscoe
267Ashley Garrett
This is my favourite game ever. Please re-release it.
268Kai Turner
Enjoyed the earlier DA games and would love another.
269John Haslett
This series provided an insane amount of time and was the most fun two-player game I've had the pleasure of playing. Bring me more! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
270Annemarie Lund
271James Butcher
272Alan Silfies
Balders Gate was better than Champions of Norrath
274Jordan Sirota
275Joseph Mmiller
BG:DA 1&2 are still my favorite to this day. I really hope BG:DA will come back again, stronger then ever
276Chris Beltzner
I would really like to get DA2 without paying 100+ dollars.
I grantee this will make you money.
I would appreciate this, not only as a long-time Dark Alliance fan, but for the sake of finishing the story.
From Italy we want Bg dark alliance come back!
Is the game that i most love!
This has to be one of (if not the) best RPGs of its time.
281Scott Henderson
I would love to see this game made I would pre-order it, I'm not really looking for you to change the 1st two games but I would like to see a 3rd installment or even a 4th 5th as I am sure many others would enjoy this series to continue. thank you,
282Raymond Henderson
I loved the 1st two me and my son enjoyed them together and would like to play more.
I have spoken to many people who LOVE BG:DA2 because the ability to upgrade weapons/armor with gems is awesome! I went to the PAWN shop the other day and BG:DA2 was being sold for $40 because that's what it's listed online!!! BG:DA3 please?????
284Christy Lawler
Best games ever!!!!!
285tim gallegos
Sweet sweet childhood memories....that is what BG DA is what this game means to me not just an epic co.op game but sweet beautiful memories of hours and hours of gameplay. Definteley an all time favorite...worthy of an HD remake.
286tim gallegos
For a while I've been debating whether or not buy a playstation 2 (even though I have a ps3) just so I can go back and relive this beautifully rendered masterpiece and give my nephew the great experience that I once had with this game.Please release on ps3
287jim garcia
Hands down best rpg ever! I think we would all be happy to see an hd remake on newer consoles. Please hear us out...
288thomas von gerithshofen
welcome my friends. your precence means I can count eldrith dead. I am mordoc selanmere and you you've been such a boon to my allies who will be overjoyed to learn that they can begin rebuilding the onyx tower for their own. Now it's only fitting that I...
289James W F
A remake will bring in a new audience, and hopefully a new BG
Best game ever
Why hasn't this came out yet???
292AJ Barnes
293Jake Campbell
best games ive ever played by far, and i know alot of people that agree, its stupid that theres even a petition taking place, you all should just get on with making the game already!
Definitely agree. It was the best game ever to be bestowed on the PS2. It can easily be the best on PS3.
295Adam Burton
Just get it done NOW
296Jack Buxton
My god, with BG1 and 2 being remaked, why not Dark Alliance?
297Trevor Ackensdale
I would love this! Especially for the Wii U!
298matthew Fritz
i was only 10 or so when i frst played this game and every now and then i just have the biggest urge to play it i would but all three if they were made and hypothetically make love to them for being in my mind one of the best games ever made
299matthew Fritz
i was only 10 or so when i frst played this game and every now and then i just have the biggest urge to play it i would but all three if they were made and hypothetically make love to them for being in my mind one of the best games ever made
Would love to see BG re-released and see a BG3. I really hope this happens!
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Petition: Re-Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 18th, 2011
Target: Atari and Interplay
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 459
Signature goal: 50 000

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