I borrowed BG I & II from my brother in law and loved them so much that I bought them both for myself. I have played these games for hundreds of hours and would absolutely love to see a third.
love baldurs gate all of em they need to make a 3 but they aint gotta end it did you know da2 is still $45 at game stop come on there is still alot of money to be made here
+1 Vote.

This series desperately needs to be revived.
154Clark Hunter
Excellent games, a third would be great.
155Rob Brunette
These games were awesome. I'd buy them again for the PS3 and any new ones along with them!
156Stane Charleston
Fuck yeah! I'd become a prostitute for this game.
I just played Dungeon Siege 3.It cannot hold a candle to BGDA2..Oh how much it made me want to play BGDA2...Which made me remember how long I've been waiting for a 3rd game!!!
158Ben Crockett
BRING BACK THE THIRD GAME!!!! (in high womans voice)
159Nick VanHelvert
160Shawn Williamson
161David Dyck
These games were the first of their kind i fell in love with as a kid, great fast paced action and just enough story to keep you interested. The 3rd part of this series has to come out.
162Nick Duci
It'd be really fantastic if Dark Alliance III was made. You could make so much profit from it,especially with the idea of re-releasing the first two all remasterd and such. With the technology these days it'd be even more amazing if possible
163Kasper Winther
Give us new´life to Balurs gate, me and my family loved cooping that game, and we miss it so very very much, it gave a lot of great times, bring us more of that.
Cmon the greates game ever !!! plz remakee!!!
167Ian B
168Dane Trenterson
Come on Atari! You have the rights to make a remake! Not Interplay! So do it! Give us this at least.
Make Dark Alliance 3!!! This games gives us hours of fun and entertainment.

Re-Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
171Chris Carter
172Lucas Tucker
173Paolo Petrini
Me and my girlfriend played baulders gate 2 and theres not been another great ARPG since... we need another :D
I've always loved this game and have been longing for atleast a 3rd Dark Alliance to come out. If all of the above happens i would be overjoyed!
176David Keesee
I played DA1/2 with my bro when i was like 17 im 26 now and have beeen waaaaitttinnng forever for 3 and to see these ported to pc DIABLO 1/2 IS NOT AS GOOD imo anyway loved those game and would love to see then refreshed SO DO IT!!!
177Nilson Filho
Big fan of BGDA. Eager to know what happens to BG. Looking forward BGDA 3.
178Eddie Mendivil
My all time favorite games. I still only have PS2, but will buy a new kind for what ever format BG3 is on, why stop at 3.
179John L
As a graphic designer, who knows more than one should about marketing, I don't understand why this ISN'T happening... They are literally sitting on a cash cow. Even if released as a PSN/XBL digital download, it would surely be one of the greatest sellers.
180Jim Parsons
I remember playing 1 and 2 with my brother as a child and I have to admit it was one of most fun experiences I've had in gaming. Four player co-op would be amazing.
181Charles W. Lanham Jr.
Truly one of the best RPG console games I have run across. Deffinately needs to be a DAIII. Re-release I and II and make DAIII is an exceptional method to get the whole story out to the next generation of gamers and a rehook on the previous generation.
182Sean Lott
I loved dark alliance one and two. It wouldn't make any sense not to make a third one. The second left us hanging...please make a 3rd one.
183Ross Lee
I agree with Sean Lott
184Selina Spinner
185Lorin Elizabeth Duncan
waiting for would be awesome if yall made it...
186Sharnay Mills
187Jordan Merritt
Baldurs gate Dark Alliance, and Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2, were the best games I've ever played on a console.

The Magic that was created by the game's developers, was unbelieveable, and still to this day, people are playing baldurs gate on pc.
I lost my xbox a while ago.
Now I've bought the xbox again, and bought a $200 version of BGDAII, just to play it again.
190-The Z-
i want dark alliance 3 nao
192jonathan w
the bgda2 is 7 years old and still sells for $30 at gamestopif people are willing to buy that they would buy bgda3
193Jonathan S
I played and beat this game over the weekend, me and a friend get together and beat DA or DA2 virtually every summer. Please get it dev
194Austin Patrick
Have to make the 3rd the way the 2nd left us.
195Blackstone Green
Me and my buddy spent so many hours on this game... and it was by far worth it... remake please!!!
For people like me with a real OCD with not finishing what you start, this is like a living you know what. PLEASE make the third part to Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance. Thank you soooooo much!
They need to make a third one
Best hack'n'slash games ever. They owe us the conclusion to the story... so good games. Do it!
199Ellen Cattle
Hehe - I guess I'm 199 strong.

Be less picky, though would you? I read the thread, and I'm pretty sure we should just be happy someone even wants to make a BGDA3.
"In addition to reporting the annual results, the company also pointed to its two-pronged growth strategy. First, management is working to secure funding for the development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) based on the popular "Fallout®" franchise. Interplay sold "Fallout®" in 2007 while obtaining a license back, under certain conditions, to create and develop a "Fallout®" MMOG.
At the same time, the company will leverage its portfolio of gaming properties by creating sequels to some of its most successful games, including Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, Descent, and MDK."
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