Re-Release Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
Atari and Interplay, this is to you two. Please team up. Why? We all know that Atari\'s in a situation and Interplay has just recovered from one right now and is making a lot of money. Atari could use that money. But how could Interplay make Atari money? Thats right by teaming up and releasing two games for Atari, one is a remake/re-release the other is a new game.

Remake/Re-Release : Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance Compilation. Why? Simple, its an awesome and fun game. I didn\'t even know it was Dungeons and Dragons until two years back. So I didn\'t know Atari owned half of it, the BG side. I\'m pretty sure a compilation will garner a lot of attention and a lot of people will buy it. Graphics shouldn\'t be that hard to update, especially since they were already really advanced. DA1/2 did not use that much of the D&D Ruleset, it was there but just not significant. I guess you could add more rules but it would not really matter. Then you could include a book with concept art/extras.

Then make Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance 3, this would definetly garner a lot of attention because it would include a conclusion to the story. Most likely include a lot of rules from the D&D Fourth Edition Ruleset, due the PS3\'s hardware. Interplay has said they would make Dark Alliance 3 if they got the chance. So Atari wont have to worry about who develops it. In fact Interplay would probably port the compilation as well.

Best of luck to both Interplay and Atari.
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The above still applies.

Now we want the compilation and the third game to be in one box. It should say Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance at the top and then at the bottom it should say includes: Dark Alliance, Dark Alliance II and Dark Alliance III.

Now a higher level cap would be very much appreciated, up to 80 at least. This way it doesn\'t make you Superman once you get to 40. A higher level of difficulty as well, kind of like Obsidian\'s Hardcore mode for New Vegas.

Add Four-Player Co-Op Action and make sure it is on the PS3; Xbox 360; PC; and hopefully the Wii.

For DA1: Add more locations to explore in Baldur\'s Gate, the Sunset Mountains and the Marsh of Chelimber. Add more NPC\'s to each of them with each giving a sidequest. Give each character their own specific sidequest.

For DA2: Add a feature that says import character. From there you can play as your character from DA1 and play as them from the Keep of Pale Night to the end of the game. When playing as the new characters, make sure it starts from before the actual beginning of the game and starts when the characters meet each other on the Trade Way and they start in like the Lizard Marsh of something. Have there be more side-quests and more locations to explore.

For DA3: Have every location in DA1 and DA2 available for play. Make it take place in 1437 or a year past 1434. Find a way to use the characters from the previous games to use in the third game. This means start the game before the Spellplague and then have something happen to the characters and they wake up sometime after 1434. Add many more sidequests; many more locations in the Heartlands that were not explored in DA1 and DA2; add more strategy into the game. Keep it linear just not as linear as the previous games. Add references to the Bhaalspawn Saga Series. Make it open-world. Add the addition to change the camera angle from Isometric; to TPS; to FPS. Bring back some characters from the old games (an aged Alyth, an aged Karne and Jherek, aged Fayed Prest of Ilmater and aged Randalla). Character Creation so that players can create a new character. Pre-Made New Characters. All races from the previous games return (human, shield-dwarf, moon-elf and drow) and the addition of new races (halfling, half-orc, half-elf, genasi). All classes return (arcane archer, fighter, sorceress, barbarian, druid, cleric, paladin, rogue, Dwarven Hero/Defender, monk, assassin, ranger, necromancer and Shadow Adept) and new classes as well (Warlock, Warlord, Avenger, Bard, Invoker, Shaman, Warden , Seeker, Runepriest and Swordmage). That is all - for now.

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All the above still applies.

Twitter page up by somebody: //

Release the game in both digital and physical formats.

Add enemy classes in the game as well, minion, elite, solo, like D&D: Daggerdale had.

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All the above still applies.

Atari, teaming up with Interplay will be beneficial for you. As they can complete the Earthworm Jim PSP game that you have 80 % done and they can also make this Dark Alliance remake that everybody wants and make the third part to the Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance series.

But if you do not want to team up with Interplay, you do not have to. Get some some studio to remake Dark Alliance 1 & 2 from our demands up above. Then, when you release it on PSN or retail it, this should be the title: Baldur\'s Gate: Dark Alliance Compilation. The caption below it should be: Featuring the Stunning Conclusion to the Saga.

There, you wont be developing a sequel, just adding the ending to the Dark Alliance Compilation, something you can do.

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It sadly doesn't seem like we'll be getting this as it has only accumulated 457 signatures in 6 years, but hey there is hope. If we got a really big YouTube to play the second one the debts may pay an inkling of attention to this. GGWP Black Isle
454Zachery Matocha
Please do this! Ive enjoyed countless hours in these games in my childhood! Such good memories in coop with my uncle who got me into these types of games. Ive been waiting for what seems eternity for a DA 3 to conclude the series.
453Christopher Kai
452Steve Thirque
please, I would love to see these remade
451James Cox
I have put many hours into both 1 and 2 and would love to see a 3 made to continue the story!
Fuck yes.
447Aaron Finley
2 of my favorite games ever a 3rd in the series would be amazing
446Mike Martin
Dark alliance was the best action RPG ever.
I would be over the Onyx Tower if you were able to make an HD version of this game, and while I am not a huge fan of 4e rules, just use the system you used for DA 1 and 2.
444John Suitepee
Having enjoyed Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 & 2, I'd love to see a third game in the series.
442David Ortega
That would be so great. But please split the gold in 2 player mode like in dark alliance 1.
And make it for Nintendo :)
pleaseplaseplease, my childhood needs this!
I really want this game I loved the first game and im currently trying to get the second one
437Thomas Werland
436Nick Beal
Best console RPGs of old generation that needs to be complete.
These games are epic and need to be brought back!

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Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 18th, 2011
Target: Atari and Interplay
Category: Entertainment

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