This happens now...
102James Chester
Add a Djinn in the game! I mean a Pharoah God has to have powerful allies doesn't he! Come on guys!
103Fanidd Fateh Ali Zaffer
I see my friends have already posted.
first daggerdale and then this, its a dream. Wait! Atari needs to make this, I cant just stare at a petition!
107Jasper Kaufman
Just lik Vermi
Loved Dark Alliance if this passes I hope they make a PC version.
haven't played an rpg as good as this one, it would be nice to see it remastered with more characters, better graphics and some new quests...
I miss this.
This was the best RPG I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing it. Please let us re-play our golden memories of Elf-Song and such.
Had a lot of fun with cooperative play with my son. Played as Drizzt but not good enough to play as Artemis. Would love to finish the saga (but on Xbox or PC, we don't have a PS3)
114Marcus Mattingly
The DA games are awesome! I can't believe that they haven't made a current gen DA game. I would certainly lay down the cash for any new or remade DA game.
115Craig P.
Dark alliance games were so awesome! I've always wanted more dungeon crawler games for the console; the multiplayer is so much fun and I miss that! Please remake and make more!
116Dr Darrell
I understand you can not use D&D rules. Just make your own. Close to what it was before, change the names of the spells. PUt all the old characters in. Im not asking for a BIG production. just some fun hack and slash, like the old days.
Please bring this extroardinary game back. I've had some of the best memories, and the best times with friends and family who share the love these games. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
I really want this
Oh yes, I would love to see this update. I bought the first 2 would gladly buy an update!
do it do it!
There has been nothing in this current gen that can scratch my co-op itch like Dark Alliance did
Whenever my brother and I haven't seen each other for a while we sit down and play BG: DA. It's AMAZING!!!!
124Matt Clump
ofmgf plz make baldurz gate 3 lol
126christopher gibson
hell too the yah fially someone who thinks like i do and needs these re realeased and a sequal it was i think one of the most thriving searies i have ever played and i wont stop until it cotiues again like black isle intended and hopefully it doesint end
128Mettifogo Francesco
The Dark Alliance games really impressed me, and I'm not easily impressed. Please continue them.
BGDA was/is awesome!! I still play them to this day.
131Baldur's Gate Fan
Follow me on twitter and help open Baldur's Gate!
Make this game now. I mean you can make a hundred carbon copy racing games and yet another Resident Evil so there is no reason not to make DA3. Do it now.
134Jeremy Fernando
135Erin O'Connor
PLEASE make #3. Please. Please. Thank you.
136Terence Sung
I would love to have BG:DA3 game
I would love to see this game at least be on xbox arcade or psn. But a total remake would be heaven on earth.
139Edward Boswell
140Mark Coburn
Please make a Dark Alliance 3! Compilation would be great, but Dark Alliance 3 would be amazing!
141Brandi Holder
Dark Alliance is my favorite game ever!
Make a new Dark Alliance game.. Look how well the Elder Scrolls are doing
143christian oscarsson
please make da 1,2 rerelease and a new 3. best game ever!!
Make DA3, I'm not going to tell you how to make it but to please make it. You guys do it better then everyone else
145David Tran
146Tim Cooper
Please make a new one. And re-release the first 2 with achievements and everything for 360
please make me the happiest man in the world
148Tim Beazley
BG 1&2 have the highest replay value of "any" console game I've ever played.
We need more games that allow us to import our characters to continue a story in game sequels.Nobody wants they're work be for nothign when the next installment comes out.
fast please
Give us something, a remake of the first 2 or a sequel, anything!
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Petition: Re-Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 18th, 2011
Target: Atari and Interplay
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 459
Signature goal: 50 000

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