201Alexei T.
Loved BGDA 1 and 2 and i'm sure will be loving part 3 :).
I agree. This needs to be done.
203James Brechin
The defining games of my childhood. Please bring them back.
204Ryan W
Loved playing this game when I was younger, good times spent with my bro.
205Jeff P.
Welp seems weird to petition something like this since the developers probably wont care, however me and mt friends loved playing this game. so if you could make another one please do so
206Jodey S
My friends and I absolutely LOVE the Baldur's Gate series and have spent hours playing them. We would really love to see BG:DA3 as we really can't find anything else on the market that even compares, having already played CoN. PLEASE give us this box-set!
207Samantha Townsend
Me and my best friend spent so much time playing these games and me and my bf still play them. They are still my favourite games and I would be at the front of the line to buy them. Best Friend of Jodey S.
208Andrew Davis
Please make this happen. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and its sequel are still two of my favorite games.
209Kryder VanBuskirk
The dark alliance games were some of my favorite games, and even these years later, a relatively large space in gaming, they remain so. A third game bringing conclusion to those two would be excellent.
210Nick Schorr
Dark alliance and its sequel were excellent, and i would certainly buy a new title if it were released.
211David Stevens
212Richard Henderson
213Steve A
Please re-release these and make #3. I have purchased every version and would continue to do so.
214Trent S
215Allen Schoepflin
Balder's Gate Shall Continue with Dark Alliance 3
Lets Get this game up and running. I've been waiting years for this bloody trilogy, now lets make it happen!!!
217James Pummell
I loved these games. In fact, the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale were just so bloody good. Please please please we need more games like this. Else I will be forever sadface :(
218James Pummell
I loved these games. In fact, the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale were just so bloody good. Please please please we need more games like this. Else I will be forever sadface :(
219laura suhr
love the games need more, thanks
220Philip Thompson
You need to make a third game! You have no idea how huge it would be!
I hope for this supposed future game!
222Ryan R.
Dark Alliance and 2 were such awesome games! I never got to finish 1, but I did 2. 2 had an awesome plot with great gameplay, just like any other game should have! TO this day, my favourite level is still that one woman's mansion with the undead!
i want this so bad
The best and most unique series available for the PS2--please consider giving BG:DA I&2 the HD treatment, and release a third game in the series!
post that at the official atari-facebook-site
227Amanda Luedeke
BGDA 3 would be the biggest thing ever. Hell, I haven't bought a consloe game since BGDA 2.
Please do this!!!
230Sean Deman
Shut and develop! IPLY!
231Anthony smith
232Ashley C
i adore these games and have been hoping that they will find a way to make the 3rd installment. I had to special order the 2nd one and would be more than willing to special order the 3rd, if it ever gets made!
233brad franks
my favorite games ive ever played to date
235Andrea Grauel
DO IT!!!!!!
236isaac grauel
the tird one could finish the first one they left a huge opener at the end of the first one i dont think it would be to hard to follow it
237Peter Scadding
I would ask for nothing more, the game ended on a cliff hanger come on, please satisfy your fans
238Aidan Murphy Anderson
Even if only half these terms are met I'll be pleased, I know that there are a lot of veteran gamers out there who want this a lot. My only hopes for BGDA3 is for a fulfilling conclusion, keeping the twisting story, diverse gameplay and really beautiful soundtrack. I also believe this has the appeal to attract a new audience as well.
240patrick sears
241Adam Anderson
Do It!!!
242James Hill
Everyone I know that love 2 player co-op marks this as the best ever created and none has been able to follow except for Champions of NorrathReturn to Arms. Please continue this excellence.
Game of the year/decade/whatever. I don't care about that.
But BGDA1/2 were the games of my life.
244Henri K
245Brendan Missio
I want a BG 3 or DA 3 for xbox 360/ps3 or pc
247adam deckard
248eric deckard
249Simran Cheema
A remake would pwn.
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Petition: Re-Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 then make 3
Created By: Bal Randhawa
Created On: April 18th, 2011
Target: Atari and Interplay
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 459
Signature goal: 50 000

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