51Kelly Wiersma
52Cathy Dye
Brilliant idea!
53Suzanne philip
This is a man who has spent hours coaching for the love of helping his students.
54Mike jones
56Coleman larson
Thanks for supporting the football program mr philips
57John lineham
58Curtis Guest
Why wouldn't I.....:)
59Michelle Berry
60debbie miller
great coaches make life long atheletes. Thank you so much.
61danielle dandrea
62Doug damberger
I am a good friend of his and know how dedicated he has been to the kids and their sports
63Joe damberger
64Graham Matthews
We are 100 percent behind this. We have john over all those he deed acted to coaching
Well deserved and a wonderful tribute
65Bev Philip
Love this guy and know how many years (10)he worked to get that field reconstructed!
66Jenn Marshall
67Allison leppard
How cool would that be!
Well deserved for an awesome individual! :)
68Lynn Derry
wonderful man!
69Andrew Speidel
70daniel roberts
Been a while since I called myself the fastest man alive. I remember Mr Philip giving me the confidence through rigorous training and encouragement
71Barb Hogg
A great tribute to honour an even greater guy!
72Lori darbyshire
73Carrie Philip
Years and years of coaching, hours and hours of planning and implementing the district track meets held at BSS. A well deserved honour!
74Meaghan Benere
75Karen Strong
This would be a great way to honor a dedicated coach in our community.
76Debbie Comer
What a great way to honor someone who has done so much for the students and community!
77Anna Sjoo
A great way to show appreciation to someone who has given to the community.
78Luanne Krawetz
a great way to honor all of John's time and efforts he spent with so many kids!!
79Leanna Garner
An honouring tribute!
80Linda Elwood
81Joanne Nemeth
Truly support this plan to honour such a great giving man!
82bryan spray
excellent idea!
83Kerri Christie
Sounds fantastic!
84Greg Lewis
Helped John with a District track meet with Elementary kids - what a blast and he made it soooo happen. Kids loved it.
85Greg Meredith
John has done so much for so many of our athletes...great way to honour him.
86Sarah Orr
Totally excellent idea!
87Kathryn Standing
Deserves every bit of it!
88sylvain chapdelaine
bon travail!
89Sheila Smith
90Don Standing
We all say we value volunteerism, but too rarely acknowledge it. This would both acknowledge and encourage the behaviour.
91Ann Fyfe
Even has an alliterative ring! Well done John.
92Kyle conn
93Sara Johnson
94Ashley Parry
95Gailene Little
96Suzanna Wall
97Rome Novak
98Lucas hepting
Hope this happens
99Brendan Burns
Sounds like a great idea.
100Robbie Devries
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Petition Details
Petition: Officially name Ballenas Secondary School's field and track "John Philip Field."
Created By: Joe Martino
Created On: January 24th, 2015
Target: School District 69, Qualicum Trustees; Superintendent - Rollie Koop; Principal Ballenas Secondary School - Rudy Terpstra
Category: Education

Total signatures: 282
Signature goal: 300

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