151Brad Sallows
152Mackenzie Dysart
Well deserved, happy retirement John.
153Janie Gallacher
154Jacob Stevenson
155Janine Knights
156Claire Fontaine
Congrats John, happy retirement.
157Heesoo Roh
Congratulations to Mr.Philip! He deserves it :)
158Shannon Light
159Marcia Wright
Of course naming it after John Philip is a must on my mind
160Daniel Metcalf
You da best, JP!
161This signature has been deleted.
162Doug Wright
Way to go
163trevor speidel
Best wishes well deserved
164Teresa Nielsen
165David Widdis
166Verona Tannock
167MinSoo Kim
Your hard work served a lot of students!
168Brody Yoxall
169Jen Phillips
170Jeannie shaver
What a great honour for a great man!!
171Jesse DeBodt
Congratulations Mr.Philip. great honour for a great mentor. HAPPY RETIREMENT !!!
172Taylor Johnson
173Veronika Pienkowski
174Mike Seredick
175Jeremy Gregson
john Phillip
176Stephanie lamarche
177Catriona Smith
178Rowan anders
179Shawna Toews
Wahoo! You deserve it! :)
180Lawrence Vea
Congrats, John...well deserved!
181Leigh Thibault
Congrats John! Well deserved for sure!!
182Ryan Thibault
183Charlotte Hörger
184Mattie Dreher
185Harry Dreher
186Laurie Dreher
187Leigh Dreher
188Jordan Oliver
189Alyssa Goad
much deserved!
192steph layden
193Kyle Milburn
195Shawna Cameron
Congratulation John. You have been an inspiration to many. All the best.
196Jordan Wagner
197Paul Ruescher
198Shelli Davies
199Talia Reimer
So well deserved!! Such a great coach. Congrats John and Happy Retirement!!
200Stephanie Kurz
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Petition Details
Petition: Officially name Ballenas Secondary School's field and track "John Philip Field."
Created By: Joe Martino
Created On: January 24th, 2015
Target: School District 69, Qualicum Trustees; Superintendent - Rollie Koop; Principal Ballenas Secondary School - Rudy Terpstra
Category: Education

Total signatures: 282
Signature goal: 300

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