201Chuckle Campbell
202Bronwen Sapir
203Marie-Louise Reuter
congrats Mr Philip! And thank you for everything
204Antonio La Fauci
205Erin Yancey
well deserved honour!!!
206Tamara Mize
207Nigel Proch
It even sounds good!
208Janice Jolicoeur
209Dorothy Jamieson
congratulations! Enjoy your retirement!
210Kelsey Ewart
211Caitlin Moilliet
I would say very well deserved! Congrats!!
212alec findlay
213Stephen Philip
214Laura Fedorak
215Adrian Philip
216Danielle hyde
217Shane hyde
218Lenna Nakamura
Fantastic :)
219Debbie Ormiston
well this is awesome!
220Ian Powell
Great job Mr. Philip
223Taryn Scuffi
226Laura John
227Kaylyn Kwasnecha
Thank you John and Philip family!
228Karli Spracklin
229Jodi Wright
230Emily Erickson
So many great memories. An awesome coach!
231Brianna Mann
232Sean Hines
233Pieter John
234Steph Toews
235Kali Meyer
236Aislinn Bissenden
237Terry palfrey
238Naomi Palfrey
239Julia Sykes
240Liz hammond
241Dale McLoughlin
242lea silver
243Grant De Gagne
244Ron Bazuk
246Jessica forcier
247laurie Mathieson
248Adam Schug
249Kristy Gabelhouse
250Cassandra Tetaert
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Petition Details
Petition: Officially name Ballenas Secondary School's field and track "John Philip Field."
Created By: Joe Martino
Created On: January 24th, 2015
Target: School District 69, Qualicum Trustees; Superintendent - Rollie Koop; Principal Ballenas Secondary School - Rudy Terpstra
Category: Education

Total signatures: 282
Signature goal: 300

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