251Alex Keizer
252Melanie remillard
253Chloe Chapdelaine
254Sue Dean
255Marie Maxwell
A great way to place a memory for someone who has given so much to the youth of the community.
256Shelby Nunan
257Hayley McLean
258zach obrien
259Ashley Milburn
260Kaitlyn Henkelman
261lisa haupt
262Rory O'Connor
263Krystyna Adams
264Graham Rawlins
265Nathan Paisley
266Leah camenzind
267Kelsey mabbutt
268Jennifer Stahley
269Hailey Guille
Great idea!
270Laurel H
271Asha Schaefer
272Jaime Rankin
273Michael Kurz
Couldn't think of a better name
275Owen Catherall
276Nancy Kirshfelt
277Sabrina Boocock
278Patricia Harding
Thank you Phil for your commitment to youth athletics! An amazing tribute!
279Erika Brown
Very much deserved. Congrats on your retirement Phil!
280Ruth Thomson
This is such a great tribute to such and amazing person. The best coach any of us could have asked for!
281Ann Ross
282Tyson Taylor
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Petition Details
Petition: Officially name Ballenas Secondary School's field and track "John Philip Field."
Created By: Joe Martino
Created On: January 24th, 2015
Target: School District 69, Qualicum Trustees; Superintendent - Rollie Koop; Principal Ballenas Secondary School - Rudy Terpstra
Category: Education

Total signatures: 282
Signature goal: 300

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