Petition Signatures for Canada's Got Talent
351Rhonda B
I have talent and I'd go a long way! Everyone tells me it's a shame I haven't been discovered yet with my singing ability. KEEP IT GOING!!!
353Sharon Jacobs
My friend has talent and needs to be discovered Rhonda B.
I really want the chance to show myself and what I am capable of. We need this chance!
I would love it if there was a Canada's Got Talent. I am a dancer and would love it if I could go onto Canada's Got Talent. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL
My friend and i got talent and we want to show it so please let us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want a chance to show off my talent to my boyfriend rickey
358Joeseph Wolff
I'm Joe wolff and my bro's are in the naked brother band and they say this should happen so canada can get defeated by america
I vant a tance to sow my fills.
she's from somewhere she really says "I want a chance to show my skills
-her translater
360cindy morris
i think everyone should have a chanceto show their gifts adn canada too!

361andrew giancoulas
canada gots more talent then america so give us the show all ready lol
362Jeneva Storme
As a dual citizen, I say please bring us a Canada's Got Talent so I don't have to go back to the US to try out. ;-) And I can't afford to go try out as a member of Her Majesty's Commonwealth...
There's nothing that helps me communicate more than singning
Canadians have a lot of talent, and we would love to have a chance to see it.
I want to be able to show my talent on a show like that. Come Canada show em we got talent too!
its not fare that so many other countrys have it and we dont.
Canadas Got Talent! So lets Prove it!
its not fare that so many other countrys have it and we dont.
Canadas Got Talent! So lets Prove it!
368Nick C
We want our spotlight!
i am 11 yaers old i have dreamed of going on disney auditons but all are for the usa canada should get a chance
yes ! Canada should be able to show their talents!
Canada has Talent so why won't they let us show it!
373Kaitlyn Vibert
America's got talent so Canada's got talent and should have a show!
Canada Has TALENT so LETS BRING! SYTYCD CANADA took the world by storm and we need Canada's Got TALENT!
375Hailey S.
Yes, i have been looking for a canadian talent competition, so i say... GIVE US CANADIANS A CHANCE!!
378Racquel Christopher
379Dylan "Boz" Bossenberry
380Lori Hlookoff
bout time eh!!
381Samson Hamelin
yes we should have one because Canadian's do got talent
YES!!! bring it to Canada! tired of busking in dundas square !!!
383Alicia k
its not far that its always in america first or just in america and not in canada, so i say give use canadians a chance!
384Amanda Boone
yes! we are just as ralented as any other country
386Grant Caldwell
America's got talent should come to canada
387Garren Dugan
I will love to see this come to Canada. Come on Canada lets show the world what we got, and that its Talent!!!
388Samantha Dixon
i've always wanted to try out for something like this! GIVE US CANADIANS A CHANCE! :)
Please make it.
i want to be discoverd
Canada's got talent would sure give us folks over 30 a chance to live a dream. Sign me up
392Kevin J Clarke
Pease bring it here. I need to be discovered because I do have talent and I need to show it!! So give us Canadians a chance to shine!!!!
394Lisa Lafantaisie
We have Krazy family metal band and We will win Canada's Got Talent if only they would create it. KRAZY MADNESS is taking on the World starting with YOU!
Canada has loads of talent too, and we need to show it!
We have to show the world that we are as good as them!So let's do it!
396Sharanja Devasundar
I love this show and I don't think it's fair that it's only available in America and Britain. We are just as talented as any other country!
397Morgan McLean
I think canada should be able to show there talent! canada's got talent! and 10+ should be able to show it!!!!
We should definetely have our own version of the show here. I don't understand why they haven't done it yet. I'll be auditioning when they do!
399Gerrit Seppenwoolde
I think it's hight time Canada had its own talent search show
400Gerald Allan Tremblay
You can call me the shocker because when I decide to show my talent I'm going to shock the World believe that.
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Petition Details
Petition: Canada's Got Talent
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: June 24th, 2008
Target: Canadian Production Companies
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 1073
Signature goal: as many as possible

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