Petition Signatures for Canada's Got Talent
ohhh yeaahh come to canada!
I agree with emily! Come to canada we have free health care, or something like that!
Yes...make it so.
Canada rocks!
255Paul Colelli
I definitely think the show should be brought to Canada its a fantastic show and is enjoyed by millions who watch Britain's Got Talent and America's Got i think its time for Canadians to enjoy it!
257John Hall
We definately need Got talent in Canada! We have tons of talent! Come to Canada!
There's America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, Australia's Got Talent, and many other international versions of the "Got Talent" show. There should also be a Canada's Got Talent.
261Calo G
Cmon canada, are you scared or something!!!!!!!!!!
263Julet Knight
It is absolutely absurd that we have to sigN a petition. What's wrong with Canada? We are always 20 steps beind every other country where the arts are concerned. And YES, we definately have talent. WE MUST HAVE A TALENT SHOW OF OUR OWN!
Of course i'll sign
265LLaw Grimm
As a performer who doesnt quite fit the Singing Criteria for Idol, I think its only fair that they finally bring something like this to the Great white north.....
Come on, even Europe has a " Europe's got Talent " . Canada DESERVES ONE! I want to try out because I know that I have talent, and so does all of Canada!
I think we should be proud to be Canadian and therefore have a Canada's Got Talent. I mean not everyone in Canada sings, so Candian Idol is useless to a whole bunch of people.
268Mike Kivari
It would be nice to have a competition that everyone can enter. Canadian idol is for youth. How about something for those of us who have spent 20+ years honing our craft, but can't seem to get a break.
Hell Yeah!!
All we need is Canada's Talent to be shown around the world!!
270Jorden Moir
272Alex J. Butler
There are like 30 of them worldwide and if Slovakia has one I think we deserve one.
273Robert D
Hey, we've got So You Think You Can Dance, when's it gonna be our turn to get in on the fun?
There is a lot of talent in Canada and I strongly believe there should be Canada's got talent. It's not fair that there is not fair that there's a Britain's Got Talent, an America's Got Talent, an Australia's got Talent and no
Canada's Got Talent.
i totally think that there should be a Canada's Got Talent! it seems these days that every country is getting one of those shows, and it would be great for people who are trying to get famous :)
this would be amazing, i was gonna audition for so you think you can danc. but if we had this show. it would be amazing :D
PLEASE make one!! Canada has talent, too, you know!
Would probably be better than Canadian Idol. Why not give it a shot?
279Shannon Worr
Please do this, my daughter (12) desperately wants to be a singer.
280Amber Worr
I will definitely enter this if it comes to Canada!
Prepare for this petition to be flooded with names!!
282Susan Murray
Talent is universal, and Canada has many major contributors already.
283Nelson Shamess
285Mallory Elstone
I would love to audition for this show!! I badly want to be a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
286Carol Brzeski
we have so many talented people here who need a break and venue!!!!!! C'mon CANADA lets goo!!!!
287Roxi Dlite
I was contacted a couple years ago by one of the producers from Americas got talent through my myspace page. She was asking me to audition, but since I'm Canadian I wasn't allowed to audition. PLEASE bring this show to Canada. Xoxo
288Laura Murray
since we lost canadian idol. we as canadians have to discovered the hard way, while the americans and britian both have Idol and their own versions on 'Got Talent'. Canadians have nothing to exhibit our homegrown industry worthy talent.
289Janet McDonnell
I have been Playing guitar&singing since 10;can still play&sing,Yes I'm Canadian,48 and do have talent.Not in it for the fame or any fortune,just want to let people know that you still got it at any age&it makes you feel great.Thunder Bay has talent, some
290Keith Marshall
I'm surprised this was never even attempted. Given the success of both idol and so you think you can dance in canada you'd think a major network would be all over this. Guess not.
the show should so come to canada! why douz america get all the good reality shows and we get like... none.
canada has talented pple!
Hell yeah! Positive we're talented as much as Americans...if not more! lol
We can be just as good as susan boyle or diversity. Not fair to us.
We can be just as good as susan boyle or diversity. Not fair to us.
Why is Canada always behind America and Britain. We have as much talent here. Not all of us are below 30 and glamorous, but are extremely talented. I have been singing classical and opera for years, and am darn good, I need a chance.
Canadian's have more talent in their pinkie fingers than most of the Americans! Come one, bring it here!!
297Douglas Koyama
What a great way to showcase talent in Canada.
PLEASE I WANT A (enter country name here)'S GOT TALENT IN CANADA! I have a strong passion and I would love to show that to the nation. Canada has TONS of talent! If there is a Canada's got talent, I WOULD LOVE AUDITIONS IN THUNDER BAY ONTARIO! YES TO CGT!
I deffinitly think this is a good idea ... i think Canada has TONS of talent .. and we deffinitly need one here! There are tons of places all over the world that have their own .. like Americas Got Talent, Britains got Talent,.. etc! So i think Canada shou
300Kevin Bradley
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Petition Details
Petition: Canada's Got Talent
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: June 24th, 2008
Target: Canadian Production Companies
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 1073
Signature goal: as many as possible

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