Petition Signatures for Canada's Got Talent
201Mack D.
I really don't see why we don't have one already! WE WANT CANADA'S GOT TALENT!
203Sara Nicholls
I love Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent - it's good clean family fun and the world needs to know CANADA'S GOT TALENT too!
204Monique Michaud
i would like to be a contestant on Canada's got talent
205Angela Bell
There's WAY more skill, confidence and talent in the +26 set - won't know what you're missing til you give us a chance...
206Michelle Chan
I'm sure that Canada has something out there. It would be very interesting to see what we really do have.
207Lynn Valli?res
We deserve a show where anyone with real talent is welcome. No discrimination regarding age or look, just check out Susan Boyle on Britains got Talent!
208Louise Guay
Either that or Menopause Idol would work for me!
209Linda J.
Canada already lacks these shows. We need a show like this for people who are any age and give everyone a chance to show their talents.
210Ryan Parker
Much better then Idol. It shows a wide variety of the Talent that Canada has... not just the pop market.
211Antoine Rabeau
Sure we should try it! In Canada too, we've got talent! And if it can give a chance to someone to become more known for his talent...

212Nancy Cardin
I agree with you all...
Talent doesn't go with how old you are. You have it or you don't. Let's judge with our ears not just our eyes.
214lucie leclerc
215Andre Pelletier
216Anthony Keppel-Jones
Canada has a long history of world known talent exported to the States and who knows where else, it's time for a little national pride here folks. Let the world know ...Canadians Rock!
217Jerith Sykes
Canadians need more places to showcase their talents. We should not have to go overseas to find work or languor at home singing in karaoke bars .
218Johanne Gagne
I would Love to see this show come to Cananda!
221Daniel Bourque
Bring it on home!
let's get this show on the road
223Laura Seymour
I'm in! Let's see if the Yankees can take OUR stuff!
224Larry Seymour
225Robin Hudson
This will be a monster hit!!!!! and i truly believe that given a chance i would win the first season, singing Nessa Dorma......
226Nick Dekkers
Bazaar that it's not here all ready.... this show would have little production costs and huge ad revenues...Pepsi Honda...WOW!!!!
227Fred Pexa
228Ingrid Blemur
I'd really love to see that!
229Cheryl Lepine
Come on CTV - get with it.
230Marianne Astle
231Marika Haspeck
We could rock it.
232Maria Casacalenda
I think this would be a majour success! My sister is an awesome dancer in my opinion, but she is too young to try out for so you think you can dance canada. It would be awesome if she could have the oppritunity to show off her talent :)
233Jonathan Zantingh
Bring it on!!
If there's a Slovakia's got talent, than there should be a Canada's got talent!
please bring canada's got talent, we can show everyone what we've got
There is more talent then just people who over 16 everyone should get the chance every other country has it we shoud to!
Do it up !! :D ♥
Yeah. come on! I mean, why doesn't Canada keep up with other countries? We deserve a Talent show!
239Leah Mason
Is there an audience for such a show? I think so!!
240donna corbett
yes we really need this one soon. so much talent here..
241Osama Ibrahim
We should definitly have a canadian one as well! :)
I would be in it rght away because i love to sing i am 11 (girl) and i KNOW i could win because i am AMAZING at singing and I take PRIVATE lessons I can sing very high AND ONCE MORE

Agreed. There definately has to be a Canadian version of the show as well. It's about high time that the rare talent in Canada gets showcased!
244Jake Martin
As A Canadian I know Canada's got talent too.
All The Way!!!!!!!!!!!
YES!!!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!
YEAH ! Defiantly start canadas got talent!
Yeh this shows in britain and usa why not us?
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Petition Details
Petition: Canada's Got Talent
Created By: Internet Guy
Created On: June 25th, 2008
Target: Canadian Production Companies
Category: Entertainment

Total signatures: 1073
Signature goal: as many as possible

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